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Force in Focus Star Wars Reviews

Posting every Saturday, Force in Focus is a review series looking at various aspects of the Star Wars universe, chiefly (and most regularly) Marvel's original comic book series, which began with an adaptation of the first film in 1977 and ran into the mid-80s.

Randomly sprinkled in amongst those reviews are posts on other Star Wars items, from newer comics to books to action figures to trailers. Anything Star Wars-related is fair game!

All Force in Focus posts can be found here

Marvel's Star Wars by storyline

A New Hope movie adaptation
"Han Solo and the Star-Hoppers"
The Empire Strikes Back adaptation
"The Search for Han Solo"
"The Search for Tay Vanis"
The Return of the Jedi adaptation
"The Tof-Nagai War"

By Creative Team

Roy Thomas & Howard Chaykin
Archie Goodwin & Carmine Infantino
David Michelinie & Walt Simonson
Jo Duffy & Cynthia Martin

Star Wars Movie & TV Reviews

The Force Awakens
Rogue One
The Last Jedi
The Rise of Skywalker
The Mandalorian Season 1 

Star Wars Action Figure Retrospectives

Star Wars Wave 1
Star Wars Wave 2

The Empire Strikes Back Wave 1
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 2 
The Empire Strikes Back Wave 3

Shadows of the Empire

Return of the Jedi Wave 1
Return of the Jedi Wave 2

Power of the Force

Other Force in Focus posts

Introductory post
The Force Awakens Teaser #2
A New Hope Recolored
Princess Leia #1-5

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