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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I mentioned a year or so back this movie with Robin Tunney playing a girl with Tourette's syndrome. Tragically. it's never been released on DVD for some unknown reason but right now you can watch it for free on youtube -

The movie is an absolutely beautiful and believable love story. Curl up with a loved one and experience moving art.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Retro Review: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Or the One Where: The Simpsons learn the true meaning of Christmas after adopting former racing dog and fellow lovable loser Santa's Little Helper.

The Setup: After Bart gets a tattoo, the family Christmas money is spent getting it removed, forcing Homer to go to great lengths in order to assure a merry Christmas for his family.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Uncle Hank, I quit being a virgin the first time I had sex."

RIP Brittany Murphy

Retro Review: Old Money

Or the One Where: Grampa inherits $106,000 when his girlfriend dies.

The Setup: After returning from a Sunday outing with the family, Grampa bumps into Bea at the retirement home. Their romance is cut short when Bea dies shortly thereafter, on her birthday, after Homer forcibly drags Grampa along on the family's trip to the Discount Lion Safari.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teebore's Ten Favorite Comic Book Storylines: #6-10

Comics Should Be Good is currently counting the 100 favorite stories as voted on by its readers. Below are my votes, comprising my current ten favorite story lines.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Technology has it’s benefits but there’s something to be said about doing things the “old fashion” way.

In a day where every kid with a computer can manipulate special effects, Wes Anderson releases FANTASTIC MR. FOX using tried and true stop-motion animation.


After The Darjeeling Limited I was somewhat worried about Mr. Anderson. My favorite movie of all time is THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and The Darjeeling just didn’t stack up to it or even to RUSHMORE or THE LIFE AQUATIC. Cuss, even Bottle Rocket had more charm than The Darjeeling Limited, in my opinion.

Never fear, though. FANTASTIC MR.FOX is by far Wes’ most accessible movie for kids of all ages. Whether you are 5 or 55, I believe you’ll be laughing and smiling ear to ear the entire time at this film’s charming quirkiness.

See it once. See it thrice. Be swept away by someone who passionately produces a masterpiece rather than simply churning out some computer animated cliché.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boots' Best - films to see before H1N1 kills EVERYONE dead

NETFLIX makes me peckish.

The concept of having movies delivered to my mailbox is brilliant; My car is parked across a bridge and it's frickin' cold outside. Not only does NETFLIX manage a 2-3 day turnaround through the USPS but they also have 1ooo's of movies you can watch instantly on your computer.

Here are some I rather fancy-


Mainly a documentary about steriods, this film was done by a body building enthusiast who chose not to juice up while both of his brothers went though needles habitually.

Unlike Michael Moore and other "documentarians" the filmmaker manages to be guinuinely unbiased as he questions doctors, weightlifters, athletes, a parent who's son supposedly killed himself because of steriods, and many others. This is blended with footage of the steriod hearings on capital hill concerning their use in baseball, Arnold the Governator, Sylvestor Stallone, and that guy with the obscenely huge bicepts who was arrested for steriod possession.


David Koresh and his followers were a bunch of religious nuts who killed themselves, right?

This documentary examines the evidence and gives a truely believable argument which contradicts this widely held belief perpetuated by the media and the government.

I guarantee you this film will open your eyes!


Based on the true story of former ELLE magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby who suffers a stroke and can only communicate by blinking his eye.

The film opens from Jean-Dominigue's persepective as he sees doctors and nurses analysing what is wrong with him. Throughout their questioning and prodding we hear Jean-Dominigue's internal dialogue.

As time goes by, Jean-Dominigue is able to communicate and even dictate his autobiography by blinking his one eye.

An amazing story and brilliant film!

THE FALL (2006)

Perhaps the most beautiful movie of all time, visually and emotionally!

Directed by Tarsem Singh, the guy behing R.E.M's Losing My Religion video and The Cell Staring J-LO and Private Pyle(from Full Metal Jacket), anf filmed over several years in dozens of different countries, The Fall is what could happen if The Princess Bride, The Wizard of Oz, and Pan's Labrynth had a baby.


This isn't the kind of story where you play on your computer or cook dinner while it's playing. I've seen it about 4 times now and on each viewing I catch something new or make a connection I hadn't before.

I love this movie, unconditionally. Unfortuanately not many people have seen it or even heard of it for that matter!

Grab a loved one, turn off the lights and prepare to be amazed! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll thank God for truly amazing art!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Movie Review: The Boondock Saints: All Saints Day

After a "shocking display of vigilante justice" (which occurred in the first movie) the Brothers MacManus, dubbed "The Saints," move to Ireland to live their lives in peace. However, the murder of a priest that directly taunts the Saints draws them back from their solitude and back to Boston. As you may have guessed, after that the bullets start flying and the bad guys start dying.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

X-amining X-Men #28

"The Wail of the Banshee!"
January 1967

Editor: Stan Lee
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Werner Roth
Inker: Dick Ayers
Letterer: Artie Simek
Noise-maker: Irving Forbush 

Banshee flies through New York, using his sonic powers to hypnotize everyone around him while he steals a painting, and later, some pipe tobacco. Meanwhile, the X-Men are testing the limits of Mimic's power when Cerebro, detecting Banshee, warns them of his tremendous power. At the same time, Ted Roberts prepares to tell Jean about his brother, with whom he feels compelled to compete, when a news report about Banshee's crimes interrupts him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Retro Review: Bart's Dog Gets an F

Or The One Where: Bart takes Santa's Little Helper to obedience training classes.

The Setup: After Santa's Little Helper destroys several significant items around the house and generally misbehaves, Homer delivers an ultimatum: the dog must pass obedience school or he'll be given away.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Retro Review: Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Or the One Where: Homer meets his half brother Herb.

The Setup: After a heart attack forces Grampa to accept his own mortality, he tells Homer about Homer's long lost half brother.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

X-amining X-Men #27

"Re-enter The Mimic!"
December 1966

Edited by Stan Lee
Scripted by Roy Thomas
Drawn by Werner Roth
Inked by Dick Ayers
Lettered by Sam Rosen

Plot: The issue begins 'In medias res' as a memory-restored Mimic is battling all the X-Men save the injured Angel. One by one, he overcomes them, standing victorious. The story then flashes back to the X-Men arriving home following their battle with Kukulclan. Professor X examines Angel and determines that the optic blast jolted his wings so badly that if he's not careful, he may lose the ability to fly. Much angst on the part of Angel and Cyclops ensures. Meanwhile, Jean cheers on Ted at a track meet. Afterward, Jean questions why Ted drives himself so hard, but is interrupted by a lab explosion. Cal Rankin stumbles out, the blast having restored his memories of his time as Mimic and his fight with the X-Men.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ripped From The Headlines!

I know many of you have probably seen this story. Now, some people are discussing what this means about our youth and "YouTube" culture and how human decency is going out the window. But I'm going to ask the question that really matters. How will this story be used in a "ripped from the headlines" episode of Law and Order?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Better Know A Hero: Hank Pym

Real Name: Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #27 Jan. 1962

Nicknames and Aliases: Ant Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, Wasp, Scientist Supreme

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Retro Review: Principal Charming

Or the One Where: Principal Skinner dates Marge's sister Patty.

The Setup: After going out with Homer to an all you can eat barbeque restaurant, Marge calls in a favor and asks Homer to find a man for her lonely sister.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

X-amining X-Men #26

November 1966

Editor: Stan Lee
Script: Roy Thomas
Art: Werner Roth
Inks: Dick Ayers
Lettering: Sam Rosen
Mayan Headdresses: Irving Forbush

Plot: El Tigre's transformation into Kukulcan distracts the museum guard holding Cyclops at bay long enough for Cyclops to open his visor and disable the guard. He turns his blast on Kukulcan, but the villain redirects it back to Cyclops, who falls unconscious. Kukulcan easily dispatches his hirelings, who want his power for themselves, then leaves the museum for South America, determined to resurrect his former empire. Professor X observes Kukulcan's immense power and his departure via Cerebro, and is able to telepathically contact the X-Men once more. He rouses the unconscious group, then contacts Jean at her school and asks her to do some research for him.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Sentence Reviews

Hey, who wants to read some one sentence reviews? .....Well you know what? I don't care what you think, I'm going to post them anyway!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Retro Review: Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

Or The One Where: Homer steals cable, much to Lisa's disappointment.

The Setup: Homer overhears Flanders throwing out a crooked cable TV technician, and convinces the tech to illegally hook Homer up with free cable.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teebore's Ten Favorite Treehouse of Horror Stories

With Halloween just around the corner and twenty Simpsons Halloween specials in the bag (giving us sixty stories total!), let's take a look at my ten favorite Treehouse of Horror stories of all time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

X-amining X-Men #25

"The Power and the Pendant!"
October 1966

Edited by Stan Lee
Scripted by Roy Thomas
Illustrated by Werner Roth
Inked by Dick Ayers
Lettered by Sam Rosen
Imitated by Brand Echh

Plot: Following their defeat of the Locust, the X-Men are driving Jean back to her college when they come across a burning orphanage. They change into their costumes and help safely free the orphans from the burning building, hightailing it out of there once the fire department arrives.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Words That Dr. Bitz Hates

With the baseball season over I guess I'll have to find something else to write about. I'm sure I'll have some one sentence reviews coming up pretty soon. But I think it's time to answer the question that all of you have been dying to know: What are the words in the English language that Dr. Bitz hates?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bitter Thoughts About Baseball

I was at game 163 on Tuesday. You can say what you want about the fact that it's just two 86 win teams fighting for the chance to be swept by the Yankees. In my opinion, it was awesome!

It was so crazy that I think you could do a 12 episode miniseries breaking down each inning. It would be riveting. I never knew watching other people play sports could be so exhausting.

I was so excited after the game I promised myself not to let the upcoming loss to the Yankees in the post season ruin my memory of that game. Well, after Friday night's Game 2 against the Yankees, my promise was broken.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Retro Review: Bart Gets Hit by a Car

Or The One Where: Homer hires Lionel Hutz and files a lawsuit against Mr. Burns after his boss accidentally hits Bart with his car.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (08/28/2009 - 09/04/2009)

1. You see, even as the season is winding down, awesome things can THIS! (I love those sound bytes way more than I should.)

2. Cleveland fired their manager on Wednesday. Really? You couldn't wait 5 days later to deliver the news at the end of the season?

3. Everyone likes a good foul ball catch or two!

4. The Twins announcers this weekend were talking about how great outdoor baseball will be next year. And then I see a commercial about how the Twins will play under the same sunshine as Harmon Killebrew. Then I look outside and see that its gray, cloudy, rainy and about 50 degrees out. Awesome.
5. Well, the Twins made it interestng, but ultimately they didn't have the pitching to come through. I mean, when you're relying on the likes of Carl Pavano then you know you're in trouble...wait, the Twins did what? They even managed to beat Zack Greinke? The Tigers choked? DELMON YOUNG ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED?!?!?! I don't believe it...

6. Apparently the Twins still have at least one more game to play. The Twins have a chance to accomplish a couple of firsts. They are already the first team to play in a one game playoff for the division two years in a row. If they win they would be the first team to win their division after trailing by 3 games with 4 games to play. They would also become the first team to make it to the post season when playing the last year at a stadium.
You know my opinion, I'm results orientated. If the Twins don't win their game on Tuesday then all these heroics will be for naught. But it's fun for now...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

X-amining X-Men #24

The Plague of...the Locust!"
September 1966

Editing by Stan (Busy Bee) Lee
Script by Roy (Book Worm) Thomas
Art by Werner (Worker Ant) Roth
Inking by Dick (Doodle Bug) Ayers
Lettering by Sam (Pussy Cat) Rosen

Plot: Jean's parents have pulled her from Xavier's school and enrolled her in Metro University. However, she won't be leaving the X-Men FOREVER (as teased last issue), as she still plans to work with the team as Marvel Girl on weekends. She packs her things and says her goodbyes, and a sorrowful Scott and Warren drive her to Metro University. Once there, she is quickly befriended by Ted Roberts. Meanwhile, the Locust sets a group of enlarged mutant grasshoppers to devour a cornfield. When word of the mysterious attack reaches Xavier, he sends the X-Men, sans Marvel Girl, to investigate. They tussle with the enormous grasshoppers, but the Locust keeps his distance as he's not ready to face the X-Men. The X-Men manage to capture one of the mutant grasshoppers for study.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (09/21/2009 - 09/27/2009)

For multiple reasons this will be a shorter edition of my brief thoughts. I'll assume you're all devastated.

1. It's everyone's favorite part of baseball...THE STUPID INJURIES!!!

2. The Twins won two of three against the Royals, which was expected when they went against Greinke. But I still feel that the Twins need a sweep of Detroit (all 4 games) to pull off the division win. I'm still not feeling it.

3. I can't find the article, but I know Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that Joba Chamberlain will need to "step up" if he wants to be on the post season roster.
How about the Yankees stop babying Joba and allow him to pitch more than 4 innings and then he might be able to step up? The Yankees have no one to blame but themselves for the Joba mess.

4. I'm amused by this Ian Kinsler clip because of how excited they get. It's amusing how much we get caught up in "mile stone" numbers. Sure, 30 home runs and 30 steals is a good season, but would it be a bad season if he has 32 home runs and 29 steals? Or 35 steals and 28 home runs? It's silly, but we all get caught up in it.

5. Give the White Sox some credit for continuing to play hard...sometimes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Retro Review: Bart vs. Thanksgiving

Or the One Where: Bart runs away on Thanksgiving

The Setup: After accidentally burning Lisa's table centerpiece, Bart, feeling unjustly punished and refusing to apologize, hits the streets.

Friday, September 25, 2009

X-amining X-Men #23

"To Save a City!"
August 1966

Edited in Ecstasy by Stan Lee!
Written in Rapture by Roy Thomas!
Drawn in Delight by Werner Roth! 
Delineated in Depth by Dick Ayers!
Lettered in a Lawn Chair by Artie Simek!

Plot: Count Nefaria explains to the captured X-Men that they will help him, because either way, they'll be blamed for what's about to happen. He proceeds to create an impenetrable crystalline dome around Washington DC. While civilian and military authorities try in vain to free the city, Nefaria sends images of the X-Men to a special session of Congress and demands one hundred million dollars in order to free the city, or else the crystals of the dome will absorb all the oxygen in the city. Meanwhile, Professor X is working on a secret new invention when he's contacted for help by the army.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retro Review: Dead Putting Society

Or The One Where: Bart and Todd Flanders compete in a mini golf tourny. 

The Setup: After Flanders invites Homer over for a drink, Homer believes Ned is rubbing his success in Homer's face, sparking a feud between the two neighbors which culminates when they enter their sons in a golf tournament.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Few Thoughts about Heroes

Frankly, I don't think I have the energy to do a weekly "Heroes" post this season. I still watch the show, but I find a hard time caring about it much, especially since it's become clear that the producers want to create a show drastically different from the one I want to watch: they're creating a show about ordinary people trying to live a normal life despite having super powers, whereas I'd rather watch a show about ordinary people realistically figuring out how to live a life with super powers. It's a subtle distinction, sure. But, for example, in my show, the characters would be using their powers more instead of pretending they're an addiction that needs to be controlled.

That said, last night's two hour premiere of the fifth volume, "Redemption", did spark a few thoughts and opinions I'd like to share.

A Few Thoughts on the Emmys

I don't usually watch the Emmys (at least I don't go out of my way to watch them) because they usually celebrate shows I don't watch or can't watch (cuz they're on HBO/Showtime). This year, three words made me tune in: Neil. Patrick. Harris. I dig his work on "How I Met Your Mother" and in "Harold and Kumar" and his gig on SNL last year was one of my favorites. Plus, he hosted the Tonys earlier this year (an awards show I have even less interest in watching than the Emmys) and did a bang up job. Also, thanks to the magic of DVR, it's much easier to watch a show like this when I can fast forward through commercials and overly long and boring acceptance speeches.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (09/14/2009 - 09/20/2009)

1. So Morneau is out for the year due to a back injury. But franky, he seemed to be gone from the team for the last month. A lot of people think this is final nail in the coffin of the Twins. But right now it seems that anyone who is in the lineup over Morneau in Septemeber is an improvement.

2. If you build it, Torii will come.

3. Joe Nathan gave up a home run on Wednesday and nearly cost the Twins the game. I'm not liking what I've been seeing from Nathan lately.

4. Everyone likes a good brawl, right? But why the hell are the Yankees even bothering with Toronto?

5.Magglio Ordonez got enough plate appearances to kick in a clause in his contract which guaranteed him a 18 million dollar one year extension. I wish I could get 18 million dollars by making an out...or by making out!

6. Well this was ugly for both teams!

7. The Twins won two of three from the Tigers (with a little help from the dome). I hate losing the last game of series when you have a chance to sweep. That being said, I did believe going into the series that if they win two out of three they still have a chance at the division. (I still can't believe the Twins got back into the race, but it's thanks to the Tigers' ineptitude.)
Anyway, now that the Twins did win two out of three, that three game lead the Tigers have is looking a bit more daunting than I thought. But if the Twins can make up one game this coming week and then win three out of four against the Tigers, they would be tied for the division. This could get interesting...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Retro Review: Dancin' Homer

Or The One Where: Homer becomes the mascot of the Springfield Isotopes

The Setup: At the power plants annual baseball outing, Homer fires up the crowd by dancing on the dugout.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Better Know A VILLAIN: General Zod

Because YOU demanded it! 

Real Name: Dru-Zod

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #283 (April 1961)

Powers and Abilities: On Krypton, General Zod is a highly trained soldier and strategist. When empowered by the radiation of a yellow sun, he possess abilities similar to Superman, including super strength, speed and stamina, flight, invulnerability, x-ray and heat visions, amongst others.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bold New Look, Same Old Content

Welcome to New Look Gentlemen of Leisure! 

The blog's second birthday has come and gone, which makes it high time we change things up a bit with a new look. Let us know what you think of the new layout, color schemes, and the logo I cobbled together using free Photoshop-esque software I found online!

Also, blogger has recently added the ability to insert jump breaks into posts. So for posts of significant length, you'll now see the beginning of the post, followed by a "read more" link that takes you to the full post. 

So you'll see something like this...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brief Thought About Baseball (09/07/2009 - 09/13/2009)

1. Twins won in Toronto on Monday. It shouldn't be too surprising since Toronto is bad. However, that was the Twins first win in Toronto since 2006.

2. Of course, the Twins ended up splitting the series in Toronto 2-2. Because that's what the Twins do.

3. On Monday, Chris Carpenter pitched a complete game shut out with 10 strike outs, 1 hit, and two walks. On ESPN's Baseball Tonight, the host said "It may be the best pitching performance of the year." he aware this happened this year? Hell, this was better too!

3. Sure the Twins are floundering. but it could be worse. This season will mark the Pirates' 17th losing season in a row. Ouch.

4. Not that I'm a Tigers apologist, but this suspension was kind of lame.

5. Carlos Gomez hasn't given up on the season, apparently.

6. The Tigers lost 5 of 6 games this week and were simply begging, BEGGING the Twins to get back into the divion race. But the Twins absolutely refused to do so. The Twins lost 4 of 7 to the likes of Toronto and Oakland. If you can't win 5 of 7 against those teams, then you don't deserve to win the division.

Friday, September 11, 2009

X-amining X-Men #22

"Divided--We Fall!"
July 1966

Editor Emeritus
Stan Lee
by Roy Thomas
Art by Jay Gavin
Inking by Dick Ayers
by Artie Simek
by Irving Forbush Robotics, Inc. 

Plot: In the Danger Room, the X-Men face off against Colosso, a training robot created by Professor X in the wake of their recent battles against the Sentinels and Lucifer's robots. Working as a team, the X-Men defeat Colosso in the allotted time. As a reward, and in light of the fact that their last vacation was cut short by their encounter with Mimic, Professor X grants the team a two week break. The excited teens quickly leave for New York City, where Beast and Iceman meet up with Zelda and Vera while Marvel Girl has dinner with Angel and Cyclops before leaving to visit her sister upstate. Meanwhile,

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Retro Review: Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish

Or the One Where: Mr. Burns runs for governor.

The Setup: When Bart pulls a three-eyed fish from the water near the nuclear power plant, a government inspection of the plant occurs, prompting Burns to run for governor in order to avoid a shutdown.

A Work In Progress: Governor Mary Bailey (a reference to George Bailey's wife from "It's a Wonderful Life") and Springfield Shopper reporter Dave Shutton, two relatively minor characters that only appear in a handful of later episodes, appear for the first time.

Blinky, the three-eyed fish Bart catches, makes his first major appearance (he appeared briefly in a background shot of "Homer's Odyssey"). While Blinky himself goes largely unmentioned on the show after this episode, he has become something of a symbol for some environmental activists, and is often referred to in anti-pollution and pro-environment journalism. In fact, this episode won the first of seven Environmental Media Awards "The Simpsons" has received to date.

This is one of the first episodes to focus on a supporting character as much as a member of the Simpson family, something "The Simpsons" will do often in the future, with Mr. Burns as the main character of this episode while Homer and the others are actually supporting characters in his story.

Finally, despite the fact that Mr. Burns is running for governor in this office, a state office, the name of the state in which Springfield resides is, of course, never mentioned, which is the first time the writers were intentional vague when it came to Springfield's exact location.

Favorite Lines:

Dave: What's your name, son?
Bart: I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you?
Dave: I'm Dave Shutton. I'm an investigative reporter who's on the road a lot and, uh, I must say that in my day, we didn't talk that way to our elders.
Bart: Well, this is my day, and we do, sir.

: I wonder if he's going to say anything about that horrible fish.
: Oh, Marge. What's the big deal? I bet before the papers blew this all out of proportion you didn't even know how many eyes a fish had.

: Congratulations, Mr. Burns, the latest polls show you are up six points.
Mr. Burns: Ah, giving me a total of?
Advisor: Six. But we're on our way.

Bart: Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.

Teebore's Take: While more recent episodes of the show have been, like most political humor nowadays, more partisan (in either direction), this early "Simpsons" foray into political humor is much more general, skewering the modern political machine and its ability to create a political persona that is often far removed from the reality of a given candidate. It is also one of the first "Simpsons" episodes to tackle an environmental issue. Both subjects weren't, at the time, often tackled by traditional sitcoms in prime time. Being an animated show on a fourth place network likely afforded them the freedom to do so, but it's another example of how "The Simpsons" was pushing the envelope early in its run, and how, as the show became more and more popular and embedded in pop culture, it helped change the landscape of prime time television.


The first major story for a supporting character and "The Simpsons" first real stab at political humor and social commentary.