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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Enter the Mirror Universe

The Midwest Comic Book Association has just announced its convention schedule for 2010!

For the first time ever, the two day con will take place in the spring instead of the fall. Microcon, newly re-christened as "Springcon", will be held on Saturday and Sunday May 15th and 16th in Fallcon's usual digs, the State Fair Grandstand.

Fallcon gets demoted to "one day wonder" status, and will be held in Microcon's old home, the Progress Center on the state fairgrounds, on Sunday October 16th. 

The move was triggered by a re-alignment of the national conventions. From the official MCBA dispatch:
A lot of the national comic book conventions have changed their event dates for 2010. It started when one of the largest conventions in the country suddenly moved their date to the late fall and quickly, in response, a good chunk of the other conventions followed suit in changing dates. As a result, the MCBA was put into the position of having to move our dates so we wouldn't have to compete for guest creators. Easier said than done!

Fortunately for all of us, our preferred venue, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, came through with flying colors! They were able to make space for us in the new world comic book convention date order with a slight and very interesting twist!
No word yet on whether attendees will be sporting goatees. 


  1. I was under the impression that Spocks (or whatever they are called) could only mate once every 8 years. And if they don't mate they get all violent and then die.

    I may have made part or all of that up. Does anyone know the answer?

  2. You are correct; Vulcans (Spock's species) are beset with an urge to mate every seven years called Pon Farr. If they don't mate, they do indeed turn violent.

    "The Pon Farr madness be upon him!"


    Please tell me you have said

    "The Pon Farr madness be upon me!"

    to your wife before.

  4. Let's just say the crosses my wife bears for marrying such an enormous geek are many, and the fact that she doesn't use those crosses to bludgeon me to a pulpy death is just one of the many reasons why I married her. :)

  5. I think this Pon Farr thing is one of the best things I have ever heard of and I am going to add it to my repertoire. I'm going to despreately search for a way to inject it into conversation and soon!

    Geeks are the best :)

  6. beset with an urge to mate every seven years called Pon Farr. If they don't mate,

    kobe beef


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