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Monday, September 14, 2009

Brief Thought About Baseball (09/07/2009 - 09/13/2009)

1. Twins won in Toronto on Monday. It shouldn't be too surprising since Toronto is bad. However, that was the Twins first win in Toronto since 2006.

2. Of course, the Twins ended up splitting the series in Toronto 2-2. Because that's what the Twins do.

3. On Monday, Chris Carpenter pitched a complete game shut out with 10 strike outs, 1 hit, and two walks. On ESPN's Baseball Tonight, the host said "It may be the best pitching performance of the year." he aware this happened this year? Hell, this was better too!

3. Sure the Twins are floundering. but it could be worse. This season will mark the Pirates' 17th losing season in a row. Ouch.

4. Not that I'm a Tigers apologist, but this suspension was kind of lame.

5. Carlos Gomez hasn't given up on the season, apparently.

6. The Tigers lost 5 of 6 games this week and were simply begging, BEGGING the Twins to get back into the divion race. But the Twins absolutely refused to do so. The Twins lost 4 of 7 to the likes of Toronto and Oakland. If you can't win 5 of 7 against those teams, then you don't deserve to win the division.


  1. baroness van bitzenhoferSeptember 15, 2009 at 6:59 AM

    3. Regarding the first link, I think that's the best commentating I've heard in a long time. "YES! YES! YES! HISTORY!!!!!"

    5. Go Carlos!! And... How does he fit all that hair underneath his hat??

  2. 2. Indeed...

    3. Yeah, I'm not really sure how anything can be better than "perfect", especially something that isn't even, you know, perfect to begin with.

    3. Ah the Pirates. Reminding fans of all four major pro sports across the country that it could always be worse.

    5. How DOES he fit all that hair under his hat?

    6. Agreed. At this point, I'm just kinda hoping we finish the season above .500.

  3. 3. I wasn't that exciting for that moment as the announcer was when it happened...

    5. Little known fact, inside Carlos Gomez's hat is a portal to another dimension. That's where all is hair goes...and presumably all his hits, too. ZING!!!


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