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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Sentence Reviews

Hey, who wants to read some one sentence reviews? .....Well you know what? I don't care what you think, I'm going to post them anyway!

District 9 (2009 Movie): My only criticism is that it wasn't the movie I'd want it to be, but, in a vacuum, it's a great movie.

G.I. Joe (2009 Movie): Yeah...this was a fairly dumb movie...anyone surprised?

Ponyo (2009 Movie): It's visually imaginative and entertaining if you go in knowing what it is: a kids' movie.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009 Video Game): The first Batman video game to get the mood and feel of Batman correct...and it's really fun to play!

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (2008 Video Game): This game was just plain fun but I'm really excited to play the sequel because it's supposed to be...wait for the charts!!!

FlashForward (2009 Television Series): This "Lost clone" is intriguing and a lot more has happened than I'd expect on the series so far, but it's a series that will ultimately be judged on how it ends.

Vikings (After First Half of the Season): Super Bowl here we come!!!


  1. i like one sentance reviews - i think you should do them more often.
    I think we've given up on flash forward...

  2. Yeah, I am done with Flashforward. Poop on you, Flashforward, poop on you.

    Let us shake our fists and jeer at it!

  3. I remain very curious about District 9. Hopefully I'll have a chance to check it out sometime.

    Not surprisingly, I've heard Arkham Asylum being called the best Batman game ever by a lot of people.

    I haven't given up on Flashforward yet. I find myself not really caring about a lot of the characters, and if I see Olivia's flashforward ONE MORE FREAKIN' time...

    But, the overall plot is still keeping me interested, and I'm still curious to see how some of the mysteries involved in the individual flashforwards get resolved.

    You're definitely right though, Dr. Bitz: it's a show that will be defined by how it ends. Or at least how it pays off it's main plot.

    Go Vikes!!

  4. Plus, from what I hear (Joan, you probably have too, on Nikki's blog if nowhere else), the last episode of Flashforward (that was on Thursday the 5th) was LOADS better than the previous eps (I haven't had a chance to watch it yet myself).

    Apparently, David S. Goyer, one of the creators of the show and it's main showrunner (and also one of the writers of the two Christian Bale Batman films), had been previously paired up with someone else that was supposed to be helping him draw out the story. That partner is gone now, and the episode on the 5th was the first that aired with Goyer showrunning solo.

    So some people are saying the 11/5 episode with Goyer flying alone might be an indication that the show will be improving. Of course, it could just be a sheer coincidence, but if you're on the fence (or recently quit it but not yet behind), you might want to stick around a bit longer.


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