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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (09/21/2009 - 09/27/2009)

For multiple reasons this will be a shorter edition of my brief thoughts. I'll assume you're all devastated.

1. It's everyone's favorite part of baseball...THE STUPID INJURIES!!!

2. The Twins won two of three against the Royals, which was expected when they went against Greinke. But I still feel that the Twins need a sweep of Detroit (all 4 games) to pull off the division win. I'm still not feeling it.

3. I can't find the article, but I know Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that Joba Chamberlain will need to "step up" if he wants to be on the post season roster.
How about the Yankees stop babying Joba and allow him to pitch more than 4 innings and then he might be able to step up? The Yankees have no one to blame but themselves for the Joba mess.

4. I'm amused by this Ian Kinsler clip because of how excited they get. It's amusing how much we get caught up in "mile stone" numbers. Sure, 30 home runs and 30 steals is a good season, but would it be a bad season if he has 32 home runs and 29 steals? Or 35 steals and 28 home runs? It's silly, but we all get caught up in it.

5. Give the White Sox some credit for continuing to play hard...sometimes.


  1. 1. Ha! Injured by reading a book. Who knew that I constantly risk injury every day?

    2. So will next week's final baseball column be a eulogy for the 2009 Twins?

    3. I watched a bit of the Yankees/Red Sox game Friday night and Joba retired the first nine batters he faced or something like that. I frankly don't see how he could "step up" anymore in the 4 innings the Yankees are allowing him to pitch.

    4. but would it be a bad season if he has 32 home runs and 29 steals? Or 35 steals and 28 home runs?

    Yes, yes it would. Just like it would be a bad season if someone hit 29 homers and 125 RBIs, or 36 homers and 90 RBIs. It's only a good season when arbitrary and even-numbered combinations are reached.

  2. Do you feel more rugged knowing that a book could injure you?

  3. You know, I really do.

    Look at me, I read books! I'm rugged and manly!


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