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Monday, September 21, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (09/14/2009 - 09/20/2009)

1. So Morneau is out for the year due to a back injury. But franky, he seemed to be gone from the team for the last month. A lot of people think this is final nail in the coffin of the Twins. But right now it seems that anyone who is in the lineup over Morneau in Septemeber is an improvement.

2. If you build it, Torii will come.

3. Joe Nathan gave up a home run on Wednesday and nearly cost the Twins the game. I'm not liking what I've been seeing from Nathan lately.

4. Everyone likes a good brawl, right? But why the hell are the Yankees even bothering with Toronto?

5.Magglio Ordonez got enough plate appearances to kick in a clause in his contract which guaranteed him a 18 million dollar one year extension. I wish I could get 18 million dollars by making an out...or by making out!

6. Well this was ugly for both teams!

7. The Twins won two of three from the Tigers (with a little help from the dome). I hate losing the last game of series when you have a chance to sweep. That being said, I did believe going into the series that if they win two out of three they still have a chance at the division. (I still can't believe the Twins got back into the race, but it's thanks to the Tigers' ineptitude.)
Anyway, now that the Twins did win two out of three, that three game lead the Tigers have is looking a bit more daunting than I thought. But if the Twins can make up one game this coming week and then win three out of four against the Tigers, they would be tied for the division. This could get interesting...

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  1. 1. Agreed.

    3. Maybe he's a little overworked? He's pretty close to the league lead in saves now, isn't he? Not that this is the first season he's pitched this often.

    4. I was wondering the same thing. The Yankees have a heck of lot more to lose if one of their players gets injured in a meaningless brawl.

    5. Hi-oh!

    6. Apparently Mark Reynolds has once again managed to strike out more this season than Joe Mauer has in his entire career. That makes me chuckle.

    7. I am equally conflicted. I told myself winning 2 out of 3 was enough to keep the division race close and worth watching. But then we won the first two and it seemed like we should have swept. Now those three games behind somehow seem bigger than they did when I was thinking "2 out of 3 is good enough."

    I read some stuff over the weekend about a possible conflict between MLB and the Dome over who takes priority in the event that the Twins need a tiebreaker with Detroit on Monday 10/5, the same night the Packers are playing the Vikings. We'll have to see how this week plays out (watch the Twins get swept in Chicago or something equally asinine), but it seems like a possibility.


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