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Monday, October 5, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (08/28/2009 - 09/04/2009)

1. You see, even as the season is winding down, awesome things can THIS! (I love those sound bytes way more than I should.)

2. Cleveland fired their manager on Wednesday. Really? You couldn't wait 5 days later to deliver the news at the end of the season?

3. Everyone likes a good foul ball catch or two!

4. The Twins announcers this weekend were talking about how great outdoor baseball will be next year. And then I see a commercial about how the Twins will play under the same sunshine as Harmon Killebrew. Then I look outside and see that its gray, cloudy, rainy and about 50 degrees out. Awesome.
5. Well, the Twins made it interestng, but ultimately they didn't have the pitching to come through. I mean, when you're relying on the likes of Carl Pavano then you know you're in trouble...wait, the Twins did what? They even managed to beat Zack Greinke? The Tigers choked? DELMON YOUNG ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTED?!?!?! I don't believe it...

6. Apparently the Twins still have at least one more game to play. The Twins have a chance to accomplish a couple of firsts. They are already the first team to play in a one game playoff for the division two years in a row. If they win they would be the first team to win their division after trailing by 3 games with 4 games to play. They would also become the first team to make it to the post season when playing the last year at a stadium.
You know my opinion, I'm results orientated. If the Twins don't win their game on Tuesday then all these heroics will be for naught. But it's fun for now...


  1. 1. That still blows my mind. Pretty hilarious, and awesome.

    2. That's always seemed odd to me, where's the value in having an interim manager for 5 days?

    3. In the second clip, I'm confused as to what the "controversy" is: if the ball hit the fan first, then it's fan interference, and if Mauer bobbled it but hung on (even if it hit the fence but not the ground) it's a catch: either way, the batter is out. Or am I misunderstanding the fan interference rule (which I could be)?

    4. Today's another game for which it's too bad we don't have an outdoor stadium. ;)

    5. I'm still not sure what's harder to believe: that we beat Greinke or that Delmon was anything other than a detriment to the team the last few games.

    6. Watching all those clips of homers and runs and whatnot just makes me REAL nervous for tonight...

  2. baroness van bitzenhoferOctober 7, 2009 at 7:00 AM



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