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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

X-aminations in April

After a brief break brought on by Excalibur's inexplicable bi-weekly shipping during this time, April brings the conclusion to "X-Cutioner's Song", along with the promotional, Handbook-y Stryfe's Strike Files and some New Mutants follow-up in New Warriors #31.

On Sale October 1992
April 5: Marvel Comics Presents #117-122 (Wolverine story)
April 6: Excalibur #59

On Sale November 1992
April 12: Uncanny X-Men #296
April 13: X-Factor #86
April 14: Wolverine #65

April 19: X-Men (vol. 2) #16
April 20: X-Force #18
April 21: Excalibur #60

April 26: Stryfe's Strike Files #1
April 27: New Warriors #31
April 28: Excalibur #61

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