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Monday, March 28, 2016

X-aminations in April 2016

Here it is, the big linewide relaunch that's been building for months, culminating in the debut of a second X-Men series, the first issue of which still stands as the best-selling comic book of all time (and probably the most-stocked-in-quarter-bins comic of all time, too).

Plus, a new X-Factor team! Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man! A pun-tastic Peter David Wolverine one-shot! And, finally, Alan Davis brings a level of respectability and excitement back to Excalibur!

On Sale August 1991
April 6th: Uncanny X-Men #281
April 7th: X-Force #3
April 8th: X-Factor #71

April 13th: X-Men (vol. 2) #1
April 14th: Excalibur #42
April 15th: Wolverine #47

April 20th: Spider-Man #15
April 21st: Spider-Man #16
April 22nd: Wolverine: Rahne of Terra

On Sale September 1991
April 27th: Uncanny X-Men #282
April 28th: X-Force #4
April 29th: X-Factor #72


  1. Er, silly question but...what about Excaliber #41?

    1. Pinned in the previous one for March 30th.

    2. The heads ups for this week as presented in last week's MCP X-amination seem to be a bit off; otherwise we'd be short of WOLVERINE #46 also, and if one this is certain for this era of comics it is that we ain't gonna be short of Wolverine. ;)

      Can't blame Teeb for jumping the gun for Alan Davis' return there a bit, though. It's not like we all haven't been vocally awaiting awhile now.

    3. EXCALIBUR #41 is this week - that, followed by WOLVERINE #45 on Thursday & #46 on Friday (the last two bi-weekly issues for this round of bi-weekly shipping).

  2. I love that ad, even if the text is a bit misleading with regards to copies sold to consumers vs. shops.


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