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Monday, October 26, 2020

X-aminations in November 2020 & January 1996 Power Rankings

Another month turns, apparently, as the end of the year and the holiday season draws near. And with it, the looming specter of "Onslaught". I called an audible on Wolverine #100 once I remembered it explicitly takes place before Uncanny X-Men #332 (but since they were both published in the same month, I could get away with that), which caused this month's reviews to get rejiggered a bit, but the general thrust remains the same as X-Men wraps up its last pre-"Onslaught" story, Rogue meets Joseph in X-Men Unlimited #11, and Marvel fights DC! 

On Sale March 1996
November 4: X-Men (vol. 2) #52
November 5: X-Force #54
November 6: Wolverine #101 

November 11: Generation X #15
November 12: Excalibur #97
November 13:  X-Man #15

November 18: Marvel vs. DC #1-4

On Sale April 1996
November 25: X-Men Unlimited #11

Power Rankings - On Sale January 1996

Another largely middling month, as many series spend the time preparing for a crossover or big event in the next month. 

Easily the biggest book of the month, even if Post and the general Onslaught teases in the issue ultimately fizzle a bit. 

Strong art carries a slight story in Uncanny, while Excalibur #95 is a middling issue of Excalibur but the best issue yet of X-Man

Here's the line for "perfectly fine" this month. 

Workman-like issues setting up bigger things in the future/storylines of questionable merit. 

Did you ever want to watch a PowerPoint presentation about Nate Grey? Cuz that's basically what Cable #29 is. X-Man #13 gets the nod for at least being an actual story, as both issues get themselves in place for the "Identity Crisis" crossover next month. 

A rushed climax to the Adversary storyline has little gravitas or narrative weight, and Steve Epting isn't around to polish things up. 

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  1. Ooh, MARVEL VS. DC! I haven't read that since, I guess, March of 1996. Looking forward to revisiting it via your review!


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