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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

X-amining X-Men: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 11 - Patreon First

 "Days of Future Past - Part 1"

Original Airdate
March 13, 1993

Producer: Larry Houston
Story: Steven Melching
Storyboard Artist: Larry Houston
Story Editor Developer: Eric Lewald
Writers: Julia Jane Lewald 

In the year 2055, Wolverine leads a pair of fellow rebels in battle against the Sentinels, but they are captured by a mutant tracker named Bishop. He takes them to a mutant internment camp, but upon delivery, the Sentinels inform him he's met his quota, and must be incarcerated as well. As the four mutants are led into the camp, Wolverine and his companions counterattack, and Bishop joins the fray. When the super-Sentinel Nimrod arrives, Wolverine's companions stay behind to hold it off. Wolverine & Bishop arrive at the mutant rebel headquarters where they meet Forge. Bishop learns the rebels have a time machine and plan to travel to the past in order to stop a political assassination by a mutant in the hopes of creating a better world. The Sentinels arrive, and as Wolverine engages them, Bishop goes back in time. Bishop arrives in the past, his memories fuzzy. He studies the time transceiver which keeps him anchored in the past, and deduces he must have come back in time to stop the assassination by killing the X-Men. He attacks the mansion but is captured by the X-Men; Xavier reads his mind and learns about the horrible future awaiting mutants. Just then, the transceiver alerts Bishop that something else has come back in time: Nimrod. Bishop joins the X-Men and they manage to destroy the Sentinel, but it starts reassembling itself until Bishop blasts its transceiver, sending it back to the future. As Bishop and the X-Men return to the mansion, they discuss the possible identity of the assassin. Just then, Rogue & Gambit return from visiting Beast. Upon seeing Gambit, Bishop remembers that he is the assassin, and proceeds to blast him with his gun. 

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