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Monday, April 27, 2020

X-amination in May 2020 & August 1995 Power Rankings

May wraps up the October '95 titles as Mondo arrives in Generation X, Colossus comes to Excalibur, and we reach the final annual of 1995!

On Sale October 1995
May 6: Generation X #10
May 7: Excalibur #92
May 8: Cable #26

May 13: X-Force & Cable '95

May 20: X-Men Unlimited #9

May 27: Starjammers #1-4

August 1995 Power Rankings

1.  X-Men #45
2. Uncanny X-Men #325

Uncanny has the "bigger" story - the "All New" anniversary, death of Marrow, etc. - but I still like X-Men #45 better, for the way its just pure comic book, as Gambit & Rogue express their feelings through exaggerated violence.

3. Wolverine #93
4. X-Men Unlimited #8
5. X-Men '95

Wolverine #93 more or less wins out just based on that one panel of Wolverine standing on the bar to reach Juggernaut's eyeline. The other two issues in this tier are strong showings for their respective over-sized series.

6Generation X #8
7. Cable #24
8. Excalibur #90

Here is where some bigger flaws start to drag things down: Generation X suffers the lack of Bachalo in a story tailor made to his skills, Cable has some atmospheric Tim Sale art mixed in with a non-plot story, and Excalibur wraps up "Dream Nails" well enough, but suffers inconsistent art.

9. X-Force #46
10. X-Force #47
11. X-Factor #115

Here is the average line: X-Force #46 beats out the following issue thanks to Mimic's presence, while Steve Epting helps keep X-Factor out of the bottom rank.

12. Wolverine #94
13. X-Man #8

All in all, a strong bounce back month after the previous one's doldrums. These are the only two really bad issues, and even Wolverine #94 suffers from what it lacks (a stronger Wolverine/Jubilee reunion and role for Wolverine as a guest instructor) rather than what's there. While X-Man is, of course, X-Man.

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