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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

X-amination in April 2020 & July 1995 Power Rankings

After wrapping up the September '95 books, Uncanny's 1995 annual, a look at the fourth Marvel Masterpieces card set, and then back to the main books as we sort of meet Joseph, X-Force gears up for its 50th issue, and X-Man continues X-Man-ing.

On Sale September 1995
April 1: Generation X #9
April 2: Excalibur #91
April 3: Cable #25

April 8: Uncanny X-Men '95

April 15: Unstacking the Deck: Marvel Masterpieces Series IV

On Sale October 1995
April 22: Uncanny X-Men #327
April 23: X-Factor #117
April 24: X-Man #10

April 29: X-Men (vol. 2) #47
April 30: X-Force #49
May 1: Wolverine #96

July 1995 Power Rankings
A very mediocre month: Adjectiveless is the only issue I'd feel compelled to reach for and revisit any time soon, just because of its Cyclops' spotlight and brief return to the setting of the Outback Era, but at the same time, X-Man is also the only truly bad issue of the bunch (and even it is a decent issue of X-Man).

Both Generation X #7 and Uncanny #324 are perfectly fine books taken down a notch due to the lack of their regular artists. Everything else falls into the "average" grouping, with each issue either making up for bad art or bad writing with a decent showing on the opposite side (Wolverine #92, for example, is basically a rehash of #91, but this time, Adam Kubert is drawing it).

1.  X-Men #44

2. Generation X #7
3. Uncanny X-Men #324

4. X-Force #45
5. Cable #23
6. Excalibur #89
7. Wolverine #92
8. Wolverine '95
9. X-Factor #114

10. X-Man #7


  1. Gee, you're right -- of the books I'm reading along with (X-MEN, UNCANNY, GENERATION X, EXCALIBUR, and WOLVERINE), most of these don't really stick out as anything I'm terribly excited to re-read -- though I do recall enjoying Joseph's debut in UNCANNY 327 back then, and I'm always up for some Banshee action, as we'll see in GEN X #9. UNCANNY ANNUAL '95, on the other hand, I found abysmal even as a teen of relatively indiscriminate taste.

    For whatever reason, I have extremely, vividly fond memories of this year's worth of X-books (the run from AoA to "Onslaught"), but these particular upcoming issues have me wondering why. Maybe it was just a couple months' dry spot in the year?

    1. For the most part, I think the main books remain pretty consistently entertaining in that post-AoA, pre-Onslaught run (even during the "dry" period when Lobdell is filling in on X-MEN and UNCANNY is doing the "Crimson Dawn" story, you've still got Kubert & Madureira on art), but the other books are just all over the place in terms of quality & consistency (with the exception of X-MAN which is always bad).


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