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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

X-aminations in April 2015

April is Cable time*, as Rob Liefeld follows up his New Mutants' debut with the full unveiling of his most iconic creation. Meanwhile, we catch up with a few Siege Perilous-displaced X-Men in Uncanny and the storyline that never ends keeps never ending in Excalibur.

Also, I made a change to the six months-out calendar I posted in January, pushing back Alpha Flight #87-90 (which takes place between Uncanny X-Men #258 and #259 but was published a few months after those issues) and slotting Magneto's Avengers West Coast story (which is, aside from "Acts of Vengeance", pretty much the only overtly villainous story he participates in during this era, and which I'd completely forgotten about when making the original six-months-out list) into its place next month (Avengers West Coast #58 and #59 are a pair of mostly-unrelated fill-in issues; at any rate, Magneto does not appear in them).

As always, sound off in the comments with anything I may be missing. 

*insert your preferred Cable/cable TV pun here.

On Sale January 1990 
April 1st: Uncanny X-Men #259
April 2nd: New Mutants #87
April 3rd: X-Factor #52

April 8th: Avengers West Coast #56-57, #60
April 9th: Excalibur #20
April 10th: Wolverine #22

On Sale February 1990 
April 15th: Uncanny X-Men #260
April 16th: New Mutants #88
April 17th: X-Factor #53

April 22nd: Marvel Comics Presents #48-50 (Wolverine story)
April 23rd: Excalibur #21
April 24th: Wolverine #23

On Sale March 1990
April 29th: Uncanny X-Men #261
April 30th: New Mutants #89
May 1st: X-Factor #54


  1. Oh wow. That picture of Cable says it all, doesn't it?

  2. The sad part is I don't need to look it up or do any research whatsoever to remember that the person he shot was Tempo. I could instead remember some chemical formula that I could some day use to MacGyver meself out of something or a fine sonnet that would get me laid, but no, this is what I use my limited brain-space on.

  3. Everything looks pretty useful on Cable in that picture besides his absurd spike bracelets. It was the 90's though, those were hot accessories back then.

    I am glad we are finally getting Cable, the prior viewing was getting a little stale.

    You could say that Cable had a lot of cool options, but if you paid attention, they weren't really worth your time.

    My favorite in comics Cable line was from X-Cutioner's song when someone (an X-Man i think) is talking about the link between X-Force and Cable, and says something like "so if we find them, we get Cable too."

    Strong Guy then says that's good and lists some channels he wants and the Disney channel for Rahne. Alex roles his eyes and is embarrassed. Classic stuff.

  4. Also, I can't wait for X-Men 259 and 260. I really like these issues. Then we get three of the worst X-Men issues, followed by a return to decent issues and then a breakout to straight up awesomeness.

    I will be staunchly defending X-Tinction Agenda as the first real X-Book crossover and its greatness. Unfortunately, Claremont would leave soon and we get one more good crossover in X-Cutioner's Song before the series and entire line pretty much goes to rubbish.

  5. God, we're really entering a dark period. There's still some interesting stuff coming up further down the line I guess, but really hard to see anything good to look forward to in the next few months. Sad!

  6. Glad to see you're covering the WCA issues! I haven't read it in years, but I recall liking the story, except for Byrne's abrupt (as usual) departure. I always like when Magneto fights heroes other than the X-Men.


  7. If you meet the 'BUDDA-BUDDA-BUDDA!'


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