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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

X-aminations in November 2015

As our year draws to a close, the 90s are in full swing in the X-book, as it's time to meet Deadpool (and to a lesser extent, Domino, and to a much lesser extent, Gideon), say goodbye to two more New Mutants as the series transitions into X-Force, welcome Whilce Portacio, the final future Image artist to get a regular assignment on an X-book, to X-Factor, say goodbye to Chris Claremont on Excalibur, and meet a new Fantastic Four comprised of Spider-Man, Gray Hulk, Wolverine & Ghost Rider (all we're missing is the Punisher!).

On Sale December 1990
November 4th: Uncanny X-Men #273
November 5th: New Mutants #98
November 6th: X-Factor #63

November 11th: Fantastic Four #347-349
November 12th: Excalibur #34
November 13th: Wolverine #36

On Sale January 1991
November 18th: Uncanny X-Men #274
November 19th: New Mutants #99
November 20th: X-Factor #64

November  25th: X-Men Animation Special: Pryde of the X-Men


  1. (all we're missing is the Punisher!)

    *nonchalant whistling*

  2. Oh Lord. The anatomy of Deadpool in that pic. The pose. The thighs. The calves. The toothpicks protruding out of those calves.

    At least we'll have lots to laugh at/cringe over/both over the next few months.

  3. Once Liefeld begins inking his own work, the anatomy reaches new levels of wonkiness. I'd love to know how Deadpool's torso connects to his waist in that panel.

    1. Yeah, I only know Hilary Barta for her work inking Liefeld on the issues of New Mutants he did w/Simonson, but she deserves a medal for reigning in his excesses compared to what we get when he starts inking himself.


    2. Barta's a he. (Hilary/Hillary is one of those names, like Kim, that's usually female, but...) You might've seen his work on What The--?! or the one-shot Image parody Stupid that Image published itself, along with various Marvel credits.

  4. But what he has managed to load up into the pic is insane amount of chemistry. One of the greatest comic book romances starts right there. The static electricity between the two would EMP up any electric machine that was caught inbetween there.

    1. Er, I can't tell if you're being ironic or not, given that EMPs dpn't exactly power things up...

    2. I didn't mean powering things up. I meant frying them.


  5. Deadpool’s anatomy in that shot is almost physically painful to regard. Gil Kane and George PĂ©rez both spent significant portions of their careers detailing figures that improbably, inhumanly all but dripped with sinewy muscle — but were beautiful to behold because the artists knew exactly what they were doing. Liefeld’s people have bulges and plastic sheens that just don’t work nohow.


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