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Monday, September 21, 2020

X-aminations in October 2020 & December 1995 Power Rankings

Wolverine's big centennial issue was delayed, so that gets delayed to the end of October, but otherwise, this is a pretty straight-forward month, with no goofy one-shots or limited series. Aside from Wolverine #100, we've got the bulk of the Cable/X-Man "Identity Crisis" crossover (with the order of review swapped around to allow for better crossover reading), the arrival of Mark Waid on X-Men, and the climax of the Adversary story (and, sadly, Steve Epting's run as regular artist) in X-Factor!

On Sale February 1996
September 30: Uncanny X-Men #331
October 1: X-Factor #121
October 2: Cable #30

October 7: X-Men (vol. 2) #51
October 8: X-Force #53

October 14: Generation X  #14
October 15: Excalibur #96
October 16: X-Man #14

On Sale March 1996
October 21: Uncanny X-Men #332
October 22: X-Factor #122
October 23: X-Man #15 

October 28: X-Men (vol. 2) #52
October 29: X-Force #54
October 31: Wolverine #100

Power Rankings - On Sale December 1995
Another mostly-middling month, though the presence of some end-of-the-year one-shots help establish a definitive floor.

Uncanny X-Men #329
Generation X #12

"Crimson Dawn" isn't an all-time classic story or anything, but the first chapter of it is the clear standout this month, while the Bachalo-less Generation X gets a leg up thanks to the return of Emplate.

Excalibur #94
X-Force #51
X-Man #12

Here's the line for the "average books", with X-Man getting a boost out of the cellar thanks to the presence of Excalibur to start off their little mini-crossover.

X-Factor #119
X-Men (vol. 2) #49
Wolverine #98
Cable #28

Four books with flaws that drop them below the median: X-Factor detours from the Adversary story for a Wild Child/Shard's Hologram adventure, but it is drawn by Epting. X-Men #49 is an issue-long fight/fill-in issue that just sets up X-Men Unlimited #10. Wolverine #98 gains something from being a farewell of sorts to the book's Madripoor trappings, but is nevertheless another wheel-spinning installment in the run-up to #100. And Cable #28 concludes the Genosha arc with some pretty crappy art and little justification for the involvement of the title character in the story.

X-Men: Books of Askani
Logan: Path of the Warlord
Archangel #1

These bottom three are ranked in the order I'd be most likely to return to them, and frankly, Books of Askani is at the top only because it would take the least amount of time to re-read.

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