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Monday, February 29, 2016

X-aminations in March 2015

I'm traveling for work this week, which creates as good excuse as any to slot in the next "Unstacking the Deck" post, which examines the second series of Marvel Universe trading cards, on sale at the same time as the issues currently being reviewed.

After that, we wrap up the Muir Island Saga, get even more Rob Liefeld thanks to Marvel Comics Presents, and look back on the initial iteration of X-Factor, all the while contending with Wolverine double-shipping.

Also, Excalibur. But Alan Davis' return is nigh!

March 2nd: Unstacking the Deck: Marvel Universe Series II

On Sale June 1991
March 9th: Excalibur #40
March 10th: Wolverine #43
March 11th: Wolverine #44

On Sale July 1991
March 16th: Uncanny X-Men #280
March 17th: X-Force #2
March 18th: X-Factor #70

March 23rd: Wolverine: Bloody Choices
March 24th: Marvel Comics Presents #85-91 (Beast story)
March 25th: X-Factor Retrospective

March 30th: Excalibur #41
March 31st: Wolverine #45
April 1st: Wolverine #46

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