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Monday, August 3, 2020

X-aminations in August 2020 & October 1995 Power Rankings

The On Sale month that never ends, December 1995, continues, with a pair of stories/issues featuring Askani/Cable's future rounding out the year-end releases, before finally allowing us to move on to another month's issues.

On Sale December 1995
August 5: Generation X #12
August 6: Excalibur #94
August 7: Cable #28

August 12: Askani'son #1-4

August 19: Book of Askani

On Sale January 1996
August 26: Uncanny X-Men #330
August 27: X-Factor #120
August 28: X-Man #13

On Sale October 1995 Power Rankings

1. Uncanny X-Men #327

2. Generation X #10
3. X-Men (vol. 2) #47
4. Wolverine #96
5. X-Force #49
6. X-Man #10
7. X-Factor #117
8. Cable #26

9. Excalibur #92

What a thoroughly mediocre month, with nearly every issue hitting roughly the same level of "competent but not commendable.

Uncanny #327 is really the only standout, and even there, it features Roger Cruz on art instead of Joe Madureira. X-Man gets enough of a boost to take it out of the basement thanks to the narrative relevance of Nate meeting Professor X for the first time, while Adjectiveless continues to suffer from feeling like a fill-in book even as Andy Kubert remains on board, and Excalibur drops from its previous month's high thanks to the ill-advised "Colossus wails on the largely defenseless Pete Wisdom for an issue" plot.

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