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Monday, August 24, 2020

X-aminations in September 2020 & November 1995 Power Rankings

Reviews of the first month of 1996 conclude, with Adjectiveless' big 50th issue, representing the line's biggest Onslaught tease since Uncanny #322, the Beast/Dark Beast switcheroo in X-Men Unlimited, and Storm's first miniseries!

On Sale January 1996
September 2: Storm #1-4

September 9: X-Men (vol. 2) #50
September 10: X-Force #52
September 11: Wolverine #99

September 16: Generation X #13
September 17: Excalibur #95
September 18: Cable #29

September 23: X-Men Unlimited  #10

Power Rankings - On Sale November 1995 
Another very mediocre month: Uncanny is the clear standout, with Madureira turning in moody, atmospheric art as Sabretooth escapes from the mansion & mauls Psylocke on his way out, and the subsequent Sabretooth one-shot deserves a nod just for the way it tells a well-executed action-oriented story.

Otherwise, the rest of the books fall into roughly the same category: nothing outright bad, but nothing uniformly good, all with something to recommend them but also something to detract from them. The distance between #3 and #10 is pretty small.

1. Uncanny X-Men #328

2. Sabretooth Special #1

3. Excalibur #93
4. Generation X #11
5. X-Force #50
6. X-Men (vol. 2) #48
7. Cable #27
8. Wolverine #97
9. X-Man #11
10. X-Factor #118

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  1. thanks for throwing in (comments section) with sales figures on the X-Force #50 post! ..think i like Polina's art as much now as I liked Madureira's then.


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