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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Retro Review: Pygmoelian

AKA: Moe gets plastic surgery to make himself more handsome.

The Setup: After winning a contest at Duff Days, with the prize being featured in the new Duff Beer calendar, Moe is discouraged to discover his face covered up in the calendar because he's too ugly.

Favorite Lines:

Duff Man: Duff beer is brewed from hops, barley, and sparkling clear mountain ... what?
Titania: Goat.
Duff Man: Eh...close enough!
Homer: Ah. You can really taste the goat.

Moe: Yeah, hey, I've got a gift. As a child, I was bitten by the acting bug. Then it burrowed under my skin and laid eggs in my heart. Now, those eggs are hatching and I -- the feeling is indescribable.
Homer: I know what you mean. Our dog had that.

Teebore's Take: Another inoffensive yet fairly dull and unfunny episode, this one continues Moe's progression (digression?) from character to caricature, as he's transitioned through the years from a slightly misanthropic bartender to an inept social deviant. Once again, the first act, with the family's antics at Duff Days, remains the funniest part of the episode. After that, Moe's plastic surgery and the stint as a soap opera star it garners him provide little laughs. There are a few chuckle-worthy gags here and there, but I even had a hard time coming up with funny lines from this one.


Moe's old face somehow reappears after he's crushed under a stage flat. He even comments on how ridiculous that is before the episode ends and he's cutoff mid-sentence.

Jerk-ass Homer:

Homer's a jerk throughout most of the episode, particularly when he's urging on Moe's desire for revenge after Moe gets his new face. In the end, though, most of his antics are done at Moe's request.


  1. I always liked Moe's list of "ugly's" he's been called

  2. Yeah, that list is pretty good. I probably would have put it in favorite lines, but my usual source didn't have a transcript of it and I couldn't be arsed to look any harder for it (or, you know, pull it from the episode itself). :)

  3. i think Pug-Fugly is my favorite

  4. Ok, I found it...

    Moe: I've been called ugly,pug-ugly, fugly, pug-fugly, but never ugly-ugly.

    Yeah, I think pug-fugly is my favorite too.


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