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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heroes 3X21: Into Asylum

Wesley Snipes: It was kind of boring
This wasn't a bad episode of Heroes. From an artistic standpoint, it was probably a fairly good one, with all kinds of interesting themes bouncing around and parallel narratives and complex symbolism. But all that stuff only takes me so far on a show like this, and I like it to be encased in a candy-coated shell of excitement. As well constructed as this episode was, aside from Sylar's shenanigans, not a whole lot happened, either in terms of action or plot development.

Wesley Snipes: Danko's jurisdiction
Nathan claims Danko's influence doesn't reach into Mexico, so they're safe. But Danko was able to abduct Hiro from Japan? So he can violate the rights of a Japanese citizen without Japan caring, but can't go after American fugitives in Mexico?

Tommy Lee Jones: Now we know where Peter gets it
The majority of Angela's dialogue while in the church made me realize that Peter must have absorbed his emo-ness from his mom at some point.

Harrison Ford: Angela's Power
The little detail that Angela's dream power doesn't work when she takes sleeping pills was a nice touch, a "that's how the power works" kind of detail Heroes gives us rather reluctantly.

(However, let's just hope that her further insistence that she must "earn" her dreams was Angela being metaphoric and not literal, because that would be very lame, and with this show, you just never know...)

Tommy Lee Jones: The Danko/Sylar partnership
I can buy that Danko, now solely responsible for the entire operation and hurting for a win, is desperate enough to break his own principle and seeming hatred of Supers to ally with Sylar. I just would have liked to see that desperation a little bit more, and a little bit sooner. I think we needed an episode showing Danko struggling for results and to prove his leadership before his partnership with Sylar.

Harrison Ford: Sylar the Serial Killer
It's taken almost two seasons, but Sylar is back to how he works best: a serial killer hunter Supers. He's not an anti-hero, he's not a wishy-washy Momma's boy, he's not conflicted. He's just a villain. It's refreshing, even if it does make most of last two seasons' worth of stories more or less irrelevant.

Hmm...that's about it. Not a lot to say about this one: it was neither terrible enough to savage nor good enough to praise. It just kind of...was, with some tight writing but not a lot happening. Hopefully things ramp up a bit next week as we draw closer to the endgame of the volume.

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