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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heroes 3x18: Exposed

Harrison Ford: Sandra rocks
It seems anytime Claire's mom gets some significant screen time, she knocks it out of the park. From not falling for Claire's lame "secret boyfriend" ruse (I chuckled when Mr. Muggles came up with the sandwich from under the bed), to helping Aquaboy get away despite her anger at Claire for lying to her again, to showing how she's learned a few tricks from her husband but has a few of her own, this episode reminded us again that Claire is probably the third-most interesting Bennet.

Wesley Snipes: Claire's relationship issues/philosophies towards such
Two words: bored now.

Tommy Lee Jones: Peter's tactical thinking
On the one hand, Peter's snap decision to take Parkman's power on the way into Building 26, thus wiping out his flying power and their escape plan, was pretty stupid, tactically speaking.

On the other hand, it was pretty cool to see the two of them put the telepathic whammy on everyone, and I'll take this volume's coolly decisive Peter over previous volumes' wish-washy Peter any day.

Harrison Ford: Bennet's experience
It's always appreciated when we're reminded of how Bennet, lacking any super-powers, managed to be an all-star hunter of people with super powers. His tactics on countering Parkman's telepathy and then using that telepathy to warn Peter without blowing his cover were fun to watch.

Wesley Snipes: Aquaboy's hunters
Do the agents assigned to watch Claire and find Aquaboy not know what his power is? Because seriously, you're hunting a kid who can breath underwater and you don't take a closer look at the pool you're standing by?

Wesley Snipes: Sylar's psychometry
The impression I got from the scene with Sylar and the toy car in the damaged diner was that he was using his ability to "read" an objects past via touch that he acquired back in the beginning of volume three (the woman Angela "fed" to Sylar while he was imprisoned had that power). Unfortunately, the only reason I got that impression was because I read a "Behind the Eclipse" Q&A online with two of the Heroes writers in which it was said that Sylar would soon be seen using that power. So I put two and two together. But I shouldn't have to do that math myself. And if you watched that scene without reading that Q&A, you'd have just assumed Sylar was unlocking some hidden memory. So a special effect of some kind would have been nice, and frankly, required.

Tommy Lee Jones: Sylar's protege
Is it too much to hope this is the end of Sylar's little buddy?

Harrison Ford: Nathan dropping the ball
With Danko wiring Matt up as a human bomb and the video of Nathan's Super Round Up hitting the news, it's great watching Nathan struggle to maintain control over the beast he's created. Having his flawed good intentions blow up in his face, with one side insisting he's gone too far while the other says he isn't going far enough and he desperately tries to straddle a constantly-shifting middle ground makes the character far more interesting than merely keeping him locked in a "I'm doing evil but I believe it's good" role.

Harrison Ford: Peter chumping Nathan
For once, Peter came out on the winning side of a Petrelli Hug by pulling a Half-Arthur on Nathan. That still makes him 1 for 3 lifetime in Petrelli Hugs, but combined with his new-found resolve and decisiveness, it's hopefully a sign that a stronger and more interesting Peter is here to stay.

Harrison Ford: Fulfilling the painting's prophecy
As much as I hated seeing yet another "tragedy we must avert" painting, it's redeemed a bit by having Danko set Matt up as the bomber in order to sway public opinion against the Supers in the wake of the leaked footage. It also shows how, in his own way, Danko can be as sneaky and manipulative as Bennet.

Harrison Ford: The return of Doyle
Look, if the writers want me to forget all about volume three, fine; I won't ask how Doyle can be alive, considering it seemed pretty clear that Sylar killed him, and I won't ask how, if Sylar didn't kill him, he escaped the burning wreckage of the Primatech facility as Meredith exploded. Instead I'll just enjoy the fact that, in the coda of an episode which showed us exactly how good Meredith and Claire can be at shepherding a hunted Super to safety, Rebel seems intent on setting up Claire as the Super's Harriet Tubman and the first person Rebel sends is the one Super both Claire and Meredith are least likely to want to help.

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