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Monday, June 1, 2020

X-aminations in June 2020 & September 1995 Power Rankings

Up next: the "Sabretooth in the mansion" plotline comes to a close, The run-up to Wolverine #100 begins, and Rob Liefeld returns (sort).

On Sale November 1995
June 3: Uncanny X-Men #328
June 4: X-Factor #118
June 5: X-Man #11

June 10: X-Men (vol. 2) #48
June 11: X-Force #50
June 12: Wolverine #97

June 17: Generation X #11
June 18: Excalibur #93
June 19: Cable #27

June 24: Sabretooth Special #1

September 1995 Power Rankings
After a relatively strong August, this is another month with a couple standout issues, one absolute clunker, and the vast majority of the issues falling into the "...fine...?" range.

1. Excalibur #91
2. Uncanny X-Men #326
3. Cable #25

Warren Ellis' standout issue of Excalibur takes the #1 spot, followed closely by an Uncanny issue in which Madureira brings considerable energy to an otherwise quiet, talky issue, while Cable #25 is vastly better than an issue in which Cable goes back to his future in order to fight alongside his future dead wife has any right to be.

4. X-Men #46
5. Generation X #9
6. Wolverine #95
7. X-Factor #116

This "fine, but slight" batch, issues which aren't bad, but suffer from one flaw or another. X-Men #46 has some great Kubert art in support of a very filler-y X-Babies story, Generation X suffers for the lack of Bachalo concluding a story he was clearly meant to illustrate, Wolverine #95 is well drawn but another treading water issue ahead of the series' 100th issue, and X-Factor does the requisite job of addressing the Wild Child in the room, but it's still hard to care.

8. X-Force #48

This issue is more or less of a piece, quality-wise, with the ones above it, but deserves to be singled out for the way it draws to a close the Boomer/Sabretooth subplot in a deeply confusing manner, making it unclear who was right, who was wrong, and who the audience was supposed to be identifying with throughout that short-lived plotline.

9. X-Man #9

Thoroughly botching the slam-dunk presence of putting Nate in conflict with a fellow :Age of Apocalypse: ex-pat, the book continues to set new lows for itself.


  1. That Liefeld banner is really ugly, lol. Need I say more?

  2. Excited for UNCANNY 328 and the SABRETOOTH special, which felt like a really big deal to me and left some indelible marks in my memory. The "Sabretooth in the Mansion" storyline started not long after I started reading X-Men regularly, and this was the first sub-plot I felt like I'd been with all the way through from start to finish. But I'll talk about that more when you get there.


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