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Friday, May 2, 2014

To Better Know A Villain: Norman Osborn

Heading out to see Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend? Here's everything you need to know about Spidey's #1 foe (and be sure to check out this post on Spidey himself).

First Appearance
Amazing Spider-Man #14, July 1964

Nicknames and Aliases
The Green Goblin, Iron Patriot

Powers and Abilities
Norman possess superhuman strength, stamina, and healing abilities as a result of the Goblin serum, a chemical compound of his own design. He also possesses genius-level intelligence and business/leadership acumen, as well as an aptitude for chemical and electrical engineering.

Recently, AIM scientists gave Norman powers similar to that of the Super-Adaptoid, enabling him to absorb the super-human abilities of anyone he physically touches.

Gadgets and Accessories
As the Green Goblin, Norman routinely uses explosive and gaseous pumpkin bombs of his own design, and rides a flying "Goblin Glider" with an assortment of offensive capabilities.

As the Iron Patriot, Norman wore a suit of sophisticated armor similar to Iron Man's, outfitted with an array of weaponry.

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  1. A couple of issues after the ASM #120, or The Night Gwen Stacy Died, there was an angry letter in the lettercol urging them to throw Gerry Conway off a bridge to see of the fall kills him before the impact. In similar vein, whoever decided to bring Norman Osborn back should be pinned against the wall with a Goblin Glider and see of an extended stay in Europe would do anything to better his condition.

    Because, it was a damn Silver Age classic! It was a classic that ended the Silver Age! There's just no excuse to undo it, and certainly not for to rip off Lex Luthor ripping off Wilson Fisk, or, ha, Norman Osborn. Tragedy happens, people are dead, Osborn jr has hard time coping, a fashion designer finds the Goblin loot and becomes awesome(st) villain with Goblin equipment minus the personal angle.

    This sort of thing highlights more than a bankruptcy how ghastly things were with Marvel in the late 90's and onwards. Once MJ closed the door iconically, and then she gets it slammed into her face.


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