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Monday, April 28, 2014

X-aminations in May

I am out of town for work this week, so I moved around the first two "Evolutionary War" annuals (they actually take place before X-Factor #30 and after New Mutants #66, respectively). 

Otherwise, this month also sees the first of three summers in which Uncanny X-Men ships bi-weekly (twice a month), and also the last month before the arrival of Excalibur and Wolverine.

April 30th: X-Factor Annual #3
May 1st:  New Mutants Annual #4

On Sale April 1988
May 7th: Uncanny X-Men #232
May 8th: New Mutants #66
May 9th: X-Factor #31

On Sale Early May 1988
May 14th: Uncanny X-Men #233
May 15th: New Mutants #67
May 16th: X-Factor #32

On Sale Late May 1988
May 21st: Uncanny X-Men #234
May 22nd: X-Men Annual #12
May 23rd: Marvel Comics Presents #1-10

On Sale Early June 1988
May 28th: Uncanny X-Men #235
May 29th: New Mutants #68
May 30th: X-Factor #33

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