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Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Sentence Reviews

I suppose it's time for another round of One Sentence Reviews. I know you're excited...

Fable II (2008 Video Game) - Really fun and addictive action RPG that's a little too easy and has a terrible, terrible ending....but how can I not recommend a game where I can be a lesbian polygamist?

Rise of the Argonauts (2008 Video Game) - It was an entertaining enough game that reimagines Greek mythology, but it felt like it was only 75% complete.

I Love You Man (2009 Movie) - One of those very funny movies where you find yourself utterly unconcerned with any conflict that occurs in the plot.

Boom Blox (2008 Video Game) - This Jenga-esque puzzle game is fun for the whole family...but nearly ended my marriage.

United States of Tara (2008 Showtime Series) - I highly recommend this intriguing (and sometimes hilarious) series about a mother with multiple personalities.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009 Movie) - It's entertaining enough (with a lot of Easter eggs for the geeks out there), but make sure you turn your brain off before watching.


  1. man, you nailed Fable 2 on the head.

  2. Yeah, Fable II is an odd hybrid.

    It's a game with a fantasy setting where you create your own character and level up and get married...all of which lends itself to the more hardcore gamer crowd.

    At the same time, you pretty much can't die, money's easy to come by, and no enemy is very tough to defeat. That seems to lend itself to the casual gamer crowd.

    I think the intent was to create a game that both hardcore and casual gamers could enjoy playing. But I just don't see casual gamers gravitating to this game.

    So, in the end, I think you end up with a game that hardcore gamers like but don't love and casual gamers don't play at all.

    Of course, as I noted in the post, me being able to play as a scantily clad lesbian increases my opinion of this game exponentially.

  3. oh i mean the sexing around was awesome - and finding and marrying the one guy in the game that likes to be beaten? awesome.
    But i just never understood why i spent the whole game building my stats and character up for a supposed final battle when there wasn't one.

  4. I'm curious how Boom Blox almost ended your marriage: were you too good, or was the missus too good?

  5. Falen -
    There was a final just occured a bit sooner and was easier than expected.

    I also hate how improving your stats modifies your character's appearance. You know, I want to be powerful but maybe I don't want bulging muscles and blue glowing lines all over my body?

    But I did not know that there's a sadomasochist in Albion. I should go find him....

    Teebore -
    We were playing cooperatively...and there was a puzzle...and we had different ideas of how to go about solving it....

  6. Did your idea of how to solve it involve watching lesbian porn?

    I'm fairly confident it probably involved watching lesbian porn...

  7. baroness van bitzenhoferMay 12, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    Saying that his idea had something to do with lesbian porn is like saying "Dr Bitz is breathing."

  8. So Jay and I got Boom Blox after you and the wife said it was fun. Jay and I have had some serious fights over it...but in the end i'm right and so once he listens to me then we pass hahaha

  9. Do you ideas involve lesbian porn?

  10. doesn't everything involve lesbian porn? so the answer is always yes, right?


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