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Monday, May 25, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (5/18/2009 - 5/24/2009)

1. Well, the Twins started the week off terribly. Then Joe Mauer was moved up to second in the batting order and Morneau to third. The Twins got a 20-1 victory over the White Sox followed by a sweep of the Brewers...capped off by this!

2. Speaking of the Morneau's grand slam. Yahoo! had this note...via Rotowire:

It wouldn't be a David Bush start if he didn't get a little unlucky from the lack of bullpen support. He left the game with a two-run lead and two runners on, but lefty Mitch Stetter came on and hit Joe Mauer with a pitch and then gave up a grand slam to Justin Morneau.

Did they even see the game? Or did they fall asleep before it ended?

3. Here's something you don't see every day. And it was almost unassisted which really would have been something.

4. Speaking of things you don't see every day, apparently Albert Pujols hates McDonald's...or loves them...or just hates the letter I?

5. Last week lack of attention to detail cost the Rays their DH spot. Apparently you have to be detail oriented whilst running the bases too, as the Mets found out.

6. David Ortiz got his first home run of the season on Wednesday. He claimed afterwards he got all his confidence back and feels like a big league hitter again. I was skeptical. David Ortiz numbers for the rest of the week: 1 for 16, 0 Runs, 0 RBI. Yeah, you still have a ways to go Ortiz until you're a big bopper again...if you ever get back there at all.

7. Runner interference can be such a pansy call and it nearly cost Cincinnati a win. (It certainly cost one of my fantasy pitchers a win.) Maybe I'm just bitter because I don't like Grady Sizemore...he just looks like your classic prep school jock.

8. I should end by noting that Mauer is off the hizzy fo' shizzy. (This week's stats: 12 Runs, 4 Home Runs, 13 RBI, and a .458 batting average.) He's already eclipsed his home run total from last year...and he missed the first month of baseball! According to Yahoo! sports he's got the best per game average stats of any player in baseball with a significant number of at-bats. Basically, Joe Mauer is currently the best player in baseball...period. It's hard to believe he'll keep up this pace, but it'll be fun to see how long it can last.


  1. Yahoo's notes and "recommendations" are sadly so often ridiculous. I especially love when the note just restates things you already know from looking at the box score. Or when they plain just get it wrong, like in this instance.

    Triple plays are awesome.

    David Ortiz's struggles make me chuckle more than they probably should.

    Mauer is, indeed, off the hizzy. Something I noticed (at least in the clips you posted) that I like: he always runs out of the batter's box, even on something that seems like a no doubter, unlike a lot of home run hitters that like to do that old "stand and it watch it go out while slowly trotting down the line."

  2. Morneau has been my Twins boyfriend from the start, but I am SERIOUSLY considering having a brief, torrid fling with Mauer.

  3. So it's true...chicks DO dig the long ball.

  4. It's not just the long ball! It's the monotone commercials for Kemps milk as well. One of those elements alone doesn't cut it, but together? Magic.

  5. Pour it on.......that' on....


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