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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (4/27/2009 - 5/03/2009)

1. Kerry Wood is brought into a tie game, gives up a few runs, and ended up taking the loss loss. The subsequent day he was presented with the very same situation but pitches well and got the win. Guess which day he was in my fantasy team's line up and which day he wasn't?

2. Zambrano's got quite a bit of power. Maybe the Cubs should put him in the outfield on days he doesn't pitch. He could get any more injured than he already does.

3. Alex Rodriguez is looking like he'll be back in action around the 50 game mark. 50 is the exact amount of games a player is suspended for taking steroids. Coincidence or conspiracy?

4. Speaking of A-Rod, no story should come up that simultaneously involves him tipping pitches and being a poor tipper. It just leads to confusion.

5. Speaking of A-Rod tipping pitches, that's worse than steroids. I've had a long rant about A-Rod before, but let's just say I find it interesting that people are obsessed about A-Rod tipping pitches but nobody seems to care about the other players who presumably reciprocated the action.

6. Rain outs are lame.

7. Speaking of rain outs, the White Sox game was rained out on Monday. It was rescheduled for the next day 3 hours before that day's regular scheduled game. I had a big rant prepared about the stupidity a game starting 3 hours before the next one and the White Sox executives thinking they could get the first game to finish, people out of the stadium, and new people back into the stadium in time for the second game. Then the first game ended up being only 1 hour and 52 minutes long. I should've known the White Sox can predict the future.

8. Brian McCann is now going to use glasses to clear up his blurry vision. McCann is just not going to be himself this year. Then next year he'll be drafted later than usual in Fantasy Leagues but end up being awesome. Mark my words.

9. Mauer comes back in a big way...too bad he can't pitch. The Twins lose two games to the Royals in a series they really should have swept. (And fail to do the little things...again.) If it wasn't for Joe Nathan and the Angels, I would say the Twins have the worst bullpen in the league.

10. Closed-circuit to Mark Texeira: The baseball season started a month ago.

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  1. Zambrano cracks me up. He has the attitude of this rough and tumble ball player that wants to do it all but, seemingly, the body of Mr. Glass.

    So the ladies at Hooters don't like A-Rod either, huh? Man, everyone's down on the guy. I'm curious how "required" the 15% tip is. I mean, that's sort of the standard tip for acceptable service, as far as I know. Do the Hooters in New York automatically add that to the bill, and expect customers to tip in excess of that (like they do in Europe)? Maybe A-Rod only ever receives service worthy of a 15% tip?


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