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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

X-amining 2099: World of Tomorrow #5 - Patreon First

"Finders Keepers"
January 1997

In a Nutshell
The origin of the Takers is revealed as the Phalanx press their attack.

Writers: Joe Kelly & Ben Raab
Pencilers: David Brewer & Jason Armstrong
Inkers: Rob Hunter, Jamie Mendoza & Alan Martinez with Hack Shack Studios
Letterer: Al Higgins
Colorist: Brian Buccellatto
Editor: James Felder
Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

Betraying his former allies, Winn teleports away with Nostromo. In the Fatherland, Doom emerges from the procedure to purge his armor, reinvigorated and technology free. He, Spider-Man & Xina prepare to fight Magus. On Mars, December, Metalsmith & Dr. Isaacs are reunited with Twilight, who explains the Takers' origins and tells her friends the Phalanx are targeting Earth. Meanwhile, Garokk toys with the defeated Dr. Strange, making her relive her worst memories. Elsewhere, Wulff & Uproar battle Vulture and the Wild Boyz, and Wulff is seemingly killed. Back in Fatherland, Winn arrives with Nostromo, and Magus convinces him to give in to his Phalanx nature. Just then, Doom, Spider-Man & Xina attack, but are no match for the Phalanx, with Nostromo absorbing Xina. With Doom defeated, the Phalanx are now poised to consume the entire planet!

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  1. I've got to question what the sales were even like for this book at the time. Every post you make about it is a relief to me that I'm not going to eventually pick up the real book now that I know what happened in the series. The end runs for all of the 2099 books were really bad except Doom and Ghost Rider which both had high name writers on the books and got much better later in their runs.

    1. I have no hard numbers, but I can't imagine the sales were very good. Its entire existence seems predicated on the fact that the 2099 books as a whole couldn't sustain themselves, sale-wise, so its doubtful a series designed to appeal to the remaining fans of every book (and therefore, also tick off all those fans who now have to wade through a bunch of pages of characters they don't care about to get a few pages with the characters they do) would have gangbuster numbers, either. And the fact that it ends with issue #8, rather abruptly, further suggests the sales just never were there.


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