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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

X-amining X-Men 2099 Special #1 - Patreon First!

"Tin Man" / "Sally & Sylvester Stay at Home" / "The Frog Prince"

In a Nutshell
Cerebra fights a Sentinel, Halloween Jack gets literary, and Cerebra fights an evil circus.

Writer: Ian Edington (1st Story), John Francis Moore (2nd Story), Matthew Morra (3rd Story)
Artist: Steve Pugh (1st Story), Graham Higgins (2nd Story),  J Calafiore (3rd Story)
Inker: Peter Palmiotti (3rd Story)
Letters: Dave Sharpe (1st Story), Phil Felix (2nd Story), Steve Dutro (3rd Story)
Colors: Megan McDowell (1st Story), Paul Becton (2nd & 3rd Story)
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Chief: Bobbie Chase
Computer Coloring: Malibu

1st Story: Cerebra is drawn by a recurring series of nightmares to the small town of Siddon. Upon arrival, she finds the townspeople amiable, but under the control of a mysterious overseer. Cerebra discovers the overseer is a Sentinel, who has manipulated the townspeople into killing all the mutants in it and any who travel through the town. Explaining to the townspeople what the Sentinel is and what it does, she leads them in an attack on the machine, destroying it.

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