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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

X-amining X-Men 2099 #3 - Patreon First!

"Viva Las Vegas"
December 1993

In a Nutshell
One of the X-Men dies as the rest rescue Xi'an from Junkpile & Lytton Synge.

Writer: John Francis Moore
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inkers: Adam Kubert , Chris Ivy, Jim Sanders III, Cam Smith & Gary Martin
Letterers: Ken Lopez & Jon Babcock
Colorist: Tom Smith
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Bloodhawk attacks the Vegas strip outside Synge's casino, creating a distraction which allows Cerebra, Tim a& Tina to sneak inside. and free the captive Meanstreak & Metalhead. Meanwhile, Krystalin learns Lytton Synge killed his father & framed Xi'an. She tries to kill Lytton, but is stopped by Junkpile. Elsewhere, the reunited X-Men are confronted by the Rat Pack, but Cerebra is able to activate Tim's power to blast them aside. As they close in on Xi'an's location, they are confronted by Junkpile, who kills Tina and shatters one of Bloodhawk's wings before he's stopped by a newly-revived Xi'an. He easily dispatches Junkpile, but refuses to kill him, then reveals that the cocoon he was in both healed his injury and activated a new power, giving him the ability to heal others with one of his hands. He is able to repair Bloodhawk's wing, but is unable to bring Tina back from the dead. Just then, Desdemona appears. She tells the X-Men they are free to go, as she knows her brother killed their father. The X-Men return to the desert where they bury Tina, while elsewhere, Brimstone Love has a woman named Luna dispatched to investigate the new mutant phenomenon in that area.

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  1. I believe it's around issue 5-8 where one of the notes from the editor or whoever is writing in the back of the book mentions that the book is able to fully explore the charactes, their backgrounds and who they are and really focus on developing them. I read that and thought, "I just read this many isssue and I don't feel like any of them are very deep." When Tina died, it has no real weight besides just trying to be shocking. No one had an established deep relationship with her. It was a bit frustrating that they already made cards for her I believe in both Marvel Universe Series 4 and Masterpiece series 3. Those card spots could have been used for charactrs ayone really cared for.

    I bought the first few issues of this when it came out and stopped, I've read through the full series about two weeks ago though and will have it on eBay soon. The only book I read for almost the full run is Spider-Man because of Peter David though I didn't really care for it as much and I remember dropping it when I got into Green Lantern with Kyle Rayner.

    I have all of the Doom run that I plan on reading next and need to get the full Ghost Rider run to read through. I believe Doom doesn't get good until around issue 25 or so, I'm not looking forward to slushing through those early issues.

  2. I saw fan-designed 'future X-men' around this time that looked better than this team.

    These characters have no visual continuity with the look or powers of contemporary X-Men. They look like a 3rd party imitation of a Marvel property.

    Cable and Bishop might been desperately "kewl" but at least they appealed to the fanbase, which is more than I can say for these guys!


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