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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

X-aminations in October

Next month, we wrap up the "Atlantis Attacks" annuals, check out an early Jim Lee-drawn Wolverine appearance, and look at a couple of Havok-centric tales, in addition to regular series coverage.

Also, this Saturday (the 4th) is Fallcon, the MCBA's annual one-day comic convention in the Education Building on the State Fair grounds. If you're planning on coming by, let me know!

Finally, I'm still taking suggestions for a category name under which to put various observations (good and bad) about Liefeld's art, so drop 'em in the comments if you have any ideas.

October 1st: Marvel Comics Presents #24-31 (Havok story)
October 2nd: New Mutants Annual #5
October 3rd: Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown #1-4

On Sale March 1989
October 8th: Uncanny X-Men #246
October 9th: New Mutants #77
October 10th: X-Factor #42

October 15th: Punisher War Journal #6-7
October 16th: Excalibur #10
October 17th: Wolverine #9

October 22nd: Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem
October 23rd: X-Factor Annual #4

On Sale April 1989
October 29th: Uncanny X-Men #247
October 30th: New Mutants #78
October 31st: X-Factor #43


  1. Ah, Meltdown...the first time i saw naughty words being used in a comic book.

    We're about to enter a very...interesting stretch for the main X-books soon.

  2. @wwk5d: We're about to enter a very...interesting stretch for the main X-books soon.

    Indeed. I never noticed until recently how, very soon, all of the X-books except Uncanny will be involved in multi-part, heavily-serialized, long-running stories. And Uncanny, meanwhile, will be pretty much the exact opposite, a nearly formless book, plot-wise.

  3. Trying to come up with a good Maximum / Awesome pun.... Extreme Prejudice?

  4. I'm wondering if, rather than further elevating Liefeld in the position of the most important comic book creator of the early 90's, we should all pretend he never existed at all and just skip the art part in those books only with the mention of "mediocre work by Milgrom".

  5. "The Awesome and Terrible Power of Liefeld"?

  6. "Liefeld, the Giant with Feet off... panel"


  7. Liefeldisms is nice and nonjudgmental — although you don't necessarily want to be totally nonjudgmental, so maybe Liefelditis is more appropriate.

    I dunno. 501 Genes?


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