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Friday, January 17, 2014

Sound on Sight

As any of you who follow me on Twitter have seen (and if you don't follow me on Twitter - @AustinGorton, clever, I know - you should), this week I began contributing comic-related articles to Sound on Sight, a pop culture website that covers everything from films to TV shows to comics to games, in addition to hosting a plethora of podcasts.

I'll be contributing reviews and feature articles to their comic book section, and you can find my first two reviews, of X-Men Gold #1 and X-Files: Conspiracy #1, here and here, and all my Sound on Sight writings here. Moving forward, I'll also be posting links on this blog to future articles there.

Never fear: X-aminations are staying right here on Gentlemen of Leisure, as well as my weekly TV reviews and all that stuff (though my long-promised "To Better Know A Villain" post on Loki will likely end up on Sound on Sight). This is just another place to find my writing, doing something a little bit different than what I do here. I hope you check it out (and check out some other stuff on Sound on Sight as well - if you're any kind of Disney fan, I recommend the Mousterpiece Cinema podcast, which is what brought Sound on Sight to my attention in the first place).


  1. Congrats on the extra exposure but another side of me is jealous because I'm still waiting for that fix;)

  2. @Nathan: Thanks! And no worries: as soon as I have a fix worked up, you'll be the first to know!


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