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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How I Met Your Mother 9x14: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment at Slapmarra

As mentioned in the last review, I doubt I was as stoked about the reveal of the next slap as some segments of the show's audience, but I certainly didn't mind the end result, particularly since it led to another episode largely devoid of Whacky Wedding Weekend Hijinks. Plus, the show went all in on the kung-fu/revenge movie parody, all of which was elevated by the fact that the rest of the gang just went along with Marshall's tale (with each of Ted's assurances that Marshall wasn't lying involving college in some way), much to Barney's comical disdain.

And, while I may not have been dying to know the details of the next slap, it should be noted that the whole slap "mythology" is the kind of thing we've seen far too many serialized dramas forget, overlook or payoff poorly in their final seasons. HIMYM has always been more serialized than the average sitcom, and the writers deserve credit for making sure this relatively significant part of that serialization gets its due before the show signs off. Or, to put it another way, all this slap bet stuff is the kind of thing the final season of Lost would have screwed up.

That Boyz II Men ending was pretty weird, though.

Other Thoughts
Neil Patrick Harris also deserves a nod for some great physical comedy in this one - Barney's reactions to the threat of a slap remain hilarious.

I also appreciated that Marshall found each mentor in the same noodle shop set, regardless of where he ostensibly was supposed to be, as well as the whole "I have much gold" running gag.  

It was announced over the break that the show will run new episodes continuously now through the series finale, which will air on March 31st (which, with the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere announced for April 6th, works out marvelously for me in terms of writing reviews).

The Calligrapher: Grammar is the first step on a thousand-mile journey to accuracy.
Marshall: I’m guessing there’s no Mrs. Calligrapher


  1. This episode was fine and it certainly didn't offend me but it was interesting choice to go with it coming back from the break. They kind of had a "cliffhanger" with Marshall finally making it to the inn and having to deal with Lilly and this episode did nothing to resolve it. But maybe they feel the slap bet is reward enough for viewers tuning in after the break?


  2. Ditto pretty much all o' what you said... I especially liked the sad-but-true Lost comparison. And nice that the schedule works out for you!


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