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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

X-aminations in January 2019...and Beyond!

And we're back!

Obviously, posting in general has been a bit hit or miss of late, on account of the holidays & my late-year international travel taking a lot more out of me than I expected (important safety trip: don't try to cram a months' worth of holiday activities into a week-and-a-half). But I've built a little cushion into the first reviews of the year (I cushion I'm currently taking advantage of) so that by mid-January, I should be primed and ready to dive back into the thick of things.

The first is a special Retro X-amination that comes courtesy of Patreon supporter Bob McLennan, whose twelve months of patronage earned him the opportunity to select an issue for review.

After that, I'll be doing another Retro X-amination from the Silver Age, something that teases the next "Patreon First" series I'll be reviewing now that the 2099 material is winding down.

After that, we return to regular series coverage with the conclusion of "Fall of Avalon", another "All New, All Different" anniversary celebration issue, a double dose of X-Force & Wolverine as both series get back on the proper shipping schedule, a bunch of '95 annuals, the end of the "Sabretooth in the mansion" plotline and, of course, more "Onslaught" build-up!

As always, let me know if there's anything you think should be reviewed that I may have missed.

(Also, I'm skipping the overall series' Power Rankings since we're still so early in the immediate post-AoA era; Power Rankings will return in the next X-aminations Ahead post).

January 1: Patreon X-amination: Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1

January 8: Retro X-amination: Strange Tales #120

On Sale July 1995
January 15: X-Men (vol. 2) #44
January 16: X-Force #45
January 17: Wolverine #92

January 22: Generation X #7
January 23: Excalibur #89
January 24: Cable #23

On Sale August 1995
January 29: Uncanny X-Men #325
January 30: X-Factor #115
January 31: X-Man #8

February 5: X-Men (vol. 2) #45
February 6: X-Force #46
February 7: Wolverine #93

February 12: Generation X #8
February 13: Excalibur #90
February 14: Cable #24

February 19: X-Force #47
February 20: Wolverine #94

February 26: X-Men Unlimited #8

March 4: X-Men (vol. 2) '95

March 11: Generation X '95

On Sale September 1995
March 18: Uncanny X-Men #326
March 19: X-Factor #116
March 20: X-Man #9

March 25: X-Men (vol. 2) #46
March 26: X-Force #48
March 27: Wolverine #95

April 1: Generation X #9
April 2: Excalibur #91
April 3: Cable #25

April 8: Uncanny X-Men '95

April 15: Unstacking the Deck: Marvel Masterpieces Series IV

On Sale October 1995
April 22: Uncanny X-Men #327
April 23: X-Factor #117
April 24: X-Man #10

April 29: X-Men (vol. 2) #47
April 30: X-Force #49
May 1: Wolverine #96

May 6: Generation X #10
May 7: Excalibur #92
May 8: Cable #26

May 13: X-Force & Cable '95

May 20: X-Men Unlimited #9

May 27: Starjammers #1-4

On Sale November 1995
June 3: Uncanny X-Men #328
June 4: X-Factor #118
June 5: X-Man #11

June 10: X-Men (vol. 2) #48
June 11: X-Force #50
June 12: Wolverine #97

June 17: Generation X #11
June 18: Excalibur #93
June 19: Cable #27

June 24: Sabretooth Special #1

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  1. Holy cow, I forgot that Liefeld drew an anniversary cover for X-Force! I love that Warpath's bicep is bigger than Siryn's torso. His wrist is nearly as wide as her waist!!

    Anyway, excited for more of the "Road to Onslaught"... and I'm looking forward to your take on SPIDER-MAN VS. WOLVERINE! I've never been a huge fan of it for a few reasons, but they're all more on the Spidey side of the affair.

    Also, since the dates have already passed for both that and the STRANGE TALES issue, I find it kind of funny that the "retro" in "Retro X-amination will now have a double meaning.

    1. Siryn's pose looks almost exactly like the infamous "Cap with boobs" cover.

  2. Jesus, that cover. Liefeld *had* to be in on the joke by that point, didn't he? I mean, that Warpath, there's just no way...

    1. If I had to guess, I'd bet by his mid-90s work that he wasn't in on the joke so much as angrily protesting against the joke through his drawing. "Screw those guys, what do they know? I'm Rob freakin' Liefeld! People love this shit!" Honestly, as much as I hate his art, it's tough to blame him for keeping with the same shitty style when thousands of people still lined up for his autograph at cons. Who cares about anatomy or perspective when you're getting paid six figures per issue?

      God damn, is it ever awful, though.

  3. In X-MEN ANNUAL #12 there's the X-Babies 2nd story where Mojo wants replacement X-Men for the ones presumed dead in Dallas. One of the suggestions is "a trifle more naughty than nice".

    With Warpath/Domino/Siryn, the joke's on us.

  4. I find it interesting when people board the Liefeld-hate train but end up pointing something out that is pretty irrelevant - like how large Warpath is. He's ALWAYS been larger than life - this isn't new and it isn't only Rob who draws him this way. He has always dwarfed the regular-sized characters he's standing next to. What, are we gonna' start flipping crap at Alan Davis for Juggernaut having wrists larger than Rachel Summers' waist in Excalibur #3? How about Marc Silvestri for drawing Colossus' neck larger than Storm's leg... should we nail him? Check out the cover of X-Force #42... Warpath's wrists are as big or bigger than White Queen's waist! Yet... *crickets*

    I mean really, for years now people have banged on Rob just for the sake of it.


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