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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Force in Focus: The Future

Having finished reviewing every issue of the original Marvel Star Wars comic, the question becomes: what next? Star Wars is a huge part of my pop culture life, and I want to keep that reflected in my writing. Fortunately, the short-term answer is fairly straightforward; after that, it becomes more murky.

Beginning next week, I will be reviewing every episode of The Mandalorian, the hot new Star Wars show from Disney+. Not only will this maintain a steady flow of Star Wars content here for the next few months, it will also get me back into TV reviewing, something long-time readers may remember was once a far more regular part of this site's output than it is these days. My plan is to review one episode a week, which will put me behind the release of the show a tad (word is Disney is releasing the first three episodes upon the launch of Disney+ next week, then releasing subsequent episodes once a week after that) but not too far behind (Mandalorian coverage will probably also get extended a bit thanks to at least one or two Rise of Skywalker posts around the time of that film's release interrupting the regular reviews).

Based on the episode count, that should bring us well into the first of the year. After season one of The Mandalorian concludes, I've got a few additional posts wrapping up the comic book series in mind (including a straight-up review of the 2019-dated issue #108). All of that should carry us over to when Disney+ releases the final "season" of The Clone Wars animated season which, at this time, I am also planning on reviewing on an episode-by-episode basis.

After that, things get a little murky. There will undoubtedly be subsequent seasons of The Mandalorian to review, as well as, eventually, whatever the pre-Rogue One Cassian Andor series is called (and even more eventually, the Obi-Wan show). But in and around those shows, I'd still like to review something on a regular basis. So I turn to you, for suggestions and guidance: what would you like to see me review next(ish)? The Star Wars newspaper strips? The UK comics? Should I plunge forward and tackle the Dark Horse comics (and if so, would you prefer the usual issue-by-issue stories, or should I take a story-by-story approach)? Or jump even further ahead and do contemporaneous reviews of the current comic book output? Or is there something else entirely I'm not even thinking of you think I should cover? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

And in the meantime, check back next week for a review of the first episode of The Mandalorian


  1. I'll vote for the newspaper strips

  2. I'll vote for the Dark Horse comics, issue by issue, because I remember reading those.

  3. I'll vote for the Dark Horse comics, but story by story instead.

  4. Dark horse, issue by issue. Loved dark empire back in the day. I remember this came out round about the same time as the Zhan thrawn book and they had to set it 6 years after jedi, cos heir to the empire was 5 years and they didn't match up.

  5. I'll vote for the UK strips as they are available in an Omnibus and that's a whole side of proper Marvel Star Wars I've never read or experienced before. On the plus side, most stories are short!

  6. 1. UK
    2. Dark Horse
    3. Newspaper strip my order of preference.

  7. I'm all about the newspaper strip, so I vote for that. The early strips by Russ Manning are decent but not great, but once Archie Goodwin comes aboard -- and especially when he teams with Al Williamson -- it's some of my very favorite Expanded Universe material (keeping in mind that my EU exposure is fairly minimal -- I never read much of the Dark Horse stuff, so for me it mainly consists of the 1990s novels up to just before the "New Jedi Order"/Yuuzhan Vong stuff started).

    But in any case, I'm happy this feature will continue! Hopefully I can keep up with THE MANDALORIAN.

  8. I'd love to see you cover the Dark Horse comics. You could do it by era or by storylines. There are so many great books within the DH library, I've ready all of them in the past and used to love that timeline. Legacy is really good. I'm sad that Disney wiped it all out, there were some really great stories in it all.

  9. I would love to see reviews of Knights of the Old Republic or Crimson Empire.


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