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Monday, August 31, 2015

X-aminations in September 2015

This month, we take a look at the first set of Marvel Universe trading cards, then finally reach the start of "X-Tinction Agenda", the X-Men crossover of 1990 and the first formally structured one. Unfortunately, due to some more work travel on my part, we're only getting the first round of crossover issues this month, as I'm spacing things out a bit in anticipation of my upcoming time constraints.

As always, sound off with any questions or omissions in the comments!

September 2nd: Unstacking the Deck - Marvel Universe Series 1

On Sale August 1990
September 9th: Excalibur #29
September 10th: Excalibur #30
September 11th: Wolverine #32

On Sale September 1990
September 16th: Uncanny X-Men #270

September 23rd: New Mutants #95
September 24th: X-Factor #60

September 30th: Marvel Comics Presents #64-71 (Wolverine/Ghost Rider story)
October 1st: Excalibur #31
October 2nd: Wolverine #33


  1. // the X-Men crossover of 1990 and the first formally structured one //

    I’m curious what you mean by that — not challenging you; I just don’t understand, which could easily owe to my not having read it. Mutant Massacre wasn’t the most cohesive thing, I realize, but Inferno had direct back-and-forth between Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor. You might well expound on this in an upcoming post, in which case I’m fine to wait.

  2. This may or may not be what he means, but it's the first one in which ALL chapters proceed in a straightforward chronological way. INFERNO ended that way, but it started much more free-form, and New Mutants never formally linked up with the other two main titles, it always was kind of running parallel. And even with those final few X-Men and X-Factor chapters, there was no helpful info on the cover like X-Tinction had ("Part 5 of 9").

    Not trying to answer for Tee, just throwing the thought out there.

  3. I've rendered you speechless with my brilliant thoughts.

    Pretty cool.


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