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Monday, March 31, 2014

X-aminations in April

With "Fall of the Mutants" behind us and the continued expansion of the line (as well as bi-weekly shipping and "Inferno") still ahead, April looks to be another straightforward (if fill-in laden) month.

On Sale December 1987
April 2nd: Uncanny X-Men #228
April 3rd: New Mutants #62
April 4th: X-Factor #27

On Sale January 1988
April 19th: Uncanny X-Men #229
April 10th: New Mutants #63
April 11th: X-Factor #28

On Sale February 1988
April 16th: Uncanny X-Men #230
April 17th: New Mutants #64
April 18th: X-Factor #29

On Sale March 1988
April 23rd: Uncanny X-Men #231
April 24th: New Mutants #65
April 25th: X-Factor #30

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to hearing about New Mutants and X-Factor, since for both of them I know nothing about that FotM-to-Inferno interim.


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