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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dr. Bitz Makes It Big!*

Congratulations to Dr. Bitz, who's been named one of the Star Tribune's Viking Fan Bloggers this season.

He will be lending his trademark wit, sarcasm and ability to cut through the bullshit to the doings and transpirings of the Minnesota Vikings throughout the season (though presumably with less talk of lesbian porn and dead hookers than regular readers of this blog have come to expect from him).

His first post is up now, and look for future installments on a regular basis (i.e. whenever he feels like it) here, and on the main Star Tribune Vikings Blogs page.

Congrats once again!

*And by "big" I mean "still writing for free, but also now for a site with significantly higher visibility and traffic."


  1. My life plan is comming to fruition! Pretty soon I'll be on the top, waste it all on booze, hookers, and blow, and end up on a E! "Where Are They Now?" segment! It's a dream come true...

  2. That's totes awesome. For real.
    On another plus side, it may drive some more traffic over here - which you guys deserve


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