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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I...I'd like to say something about this but....I'm speechless. I have no idea what to say except that this has to be an early April Fool's Day joke....doesn't it?


  1. That is the most awesome thing I have ever heard.

    This could be a whole new franchise: Cpt. Ahab and a Predator in a race for Moby Dick. Can Tom Sawyer con a Predator into white washing Aunt Polly's fence? Hawkeye vs. Predator in the woods of colonial upstate New York. Cpt. Nemo finds himself 20,000 leagues under the sea with a Predator hunting everyone aboard the Nautilus.

    I wonder if they mean to truly work in the Pride and Prejudice story, or just create a similar one?

    I'd much rather see Mr. Darcy face off against a Predator than a Darcy-esque original character.

  2. Dracula vs. Predator ! ! ! With Mina Kicking ass ! ! !


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