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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

X-aminations in September

Three issues a week hasn't killed me yet, and we'll keep at it this month as we draw ever closer to "Mutant Massacre", after an early break to look at the Firestar limited series and X-Factor's first annual.

Also, for those of you who haven't heard, frequent commenter Matt has launched his own blog, Not a Hoax, Not a Dream, containing assorted comics reviews and other pop culture musings. Be sure to check it out!

September 4th: Firestar #1-4
September 6th: X-Factor Annual #1

September 11th: Uncanny X-Men #206
September 12th: New Mutants #41
September 13th: X-Factor #5

September 18th: Uncanny X-Men #207
September 19th: New Mutants #42
September 20th: X-Factor #6

September 25th : Uncanny X-Men #208
September 26th: New Mutants #43
September 27th: X-Factor #7


  1. X-Factor was out less than six months before it got an annual? They reeeeeeally wanted to push that book as not terrible, huh?

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Teebore! I hope my blog lives up to the standard set by yours and the others I follow regularly.

  3. @Mela: X-Factor was out less than six months before it got an annual?

    Technically, the annual was on sale right around the same time as the X-Men and New Mutants annuals from this year, circa issue 8 or 9 of X-Factor, but I've generally been covering the annuals when they take place chronologically, rather than by on-sale date (we'll see how long that holds up now that I have to work in three of them), and the Marvel Chronology project places X-Factor Annual #1 after issue #4.

    It's also written by Layton, so even though it was published after he left the book, he clearly worked on it before his departure, which makes more sense of its early placement in the book's chronology.

    Plus, it gives me an opening to sneak in the Firestar mini at a point in our timeline when it was still on sale. :)

    @Matt: Thanks for the shout-out, Teebore!

    No problemo! Happy to do it.


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