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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Opera, TV and Comics. Yes, Opera.

First of all, I'm once again here to ask you for money.

Not for myself of course (but feel free to mail either me or Dr. Bitz checks or loose change if you're so inclined), but for another cool Kickstarter project, this one to help out Jason Powell, the internet's foremost Chris Claremont scholar and author of the most insightful X-Men reviews you'll ever read (not that you shouldn't also read mine). Back in 2012, he wrote and staged an original superhero opera, and is now hoping to raise funds to put it onto CD. Check out his Kickstarter page here.

As a fan of both superheroes and musical theater, this seems like a win-win, so I'll be helping out. The world needs more superhero operas.

Secondly, a new TV website was recently brought to my attention, What to Watch, a site which is basically an engine to help you pick new TV shows to watch based on your current tastes. The database of the site is chock full of current and popular programs, and I hear tell that the creators of the site hope to eventually expand the selection to include more classic shows and one-season wonders.

It's a neat little site, and even if your TV viewing schedule is full (like mine), it's still fun to see what kind of shows get matched up with your favorites. Check it out.

Finally, Dobson, a frequent commenter on this blog, has launched a new blog, The Pouch Files, with the aim of examining the highs and lows of comics in the 90s on an issue by issue basis, celebrating and mocking comics' decade of excess, with an emphasis on the books from that era which don't get much love elsewhere on the 'net. I've already both laughed and sighed fondly with nostalgia during several of his posts, and am looking forward to more.


  1. The 90s was awesome.

    Also, superhero opera?? Totally badass!

    And i'm a little scared to check out that website in case i really want to watch something (since i don't have the time)

  2. @Sarah: And i'm a little scared to check out that website in case i really want to watch something (since i don't have the time)

    So far, I've only encountered recommendations of stuff I already have on my "to watch" list, but it's a fear I share.

  3. Thanks so much for the plug, Tee!


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