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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gentlemen of Leisure v3.0

Check out our new banner up top, compliments (after much cajoling...) of my uber-talented brother. You can see more of his work here.

Pretty awesome, huh?


  1. That's awesome! Great job! How did Picard make the cut, though?!?!

  2. @Boots: How did Picard make the cut, though?!?!

    You'd have to ask him. I gave him very little specific instruction, just told him to do something pop culture-y that ties in with the kind of stuff we talk about on the blog.

    If I had to guess, he wanted something to represent Star Trek and Picard was simply the character that popped into his head.

  3. Uh, why wouldn't Picard make the cut? He's awesome. Duh.

    I loves that banner. Loves it. Good job, little brother.

  4. yeah, it just made sense to me that Picard was there. He's clearly the best

  5. Teebore's brother asked me if Picard should be in there. I told him to make it so.

  6. @Falen: He's clearly the best

    Well, other than Sisko. But Sisko is a bit outside my brother's Star Trek iconography.


  7. Very nice!

    I did wonder where a certain jade giant went, since so many of the characters and icons from your last banner were represented. Banner transformations do usually involve Hulks, after all. 8^)

  8. @Blam: Banner transformations do usually involve Hulks, after all.

    Haha! Nice one.


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