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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

X-aminations in July

We'll get to X-Factor, the third X-Men spinoff, next month (I ended up pushing it back a week by breaking up some of the ancillary stuff into their own posts). But before that, we've got some pretty significant (and good) comics to cover! Here's what's coming in July.

July 3rd: New Mutants Special Edition #1
July 4th: Uncanny X-Men Annual #9

July 10th: Uncanny X-Men #200
July 11th: New Mutants #35

July 17th: Uncanny X-Men #201
July 18th: New Mutants #36

July 24th : Alpha Flight #33-34
July 25th: Power Pack #20 & Secret Wars II #8

July 31st: Heroes for Hope Starring the X-Men #1
August 1st: Avengers #263 & Fantastic Four #286


  1. Oh man. So close to the debut of X-Factor... Very excited!

  2. @Michael: I'm excited for the debut of X-Factor, though I did push it back a week, mainly because I'm going to be on vacation for a week this month, and figured I'd need the extra time to get caught up from that.


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