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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (08/10/2009 - 08/16/2009)

1. Is it just me or has there been a lot of cycles this year?

2. Some people get stuck on milestones, but when Valdimir Guerrero hit his 399th home run he decided to just go ahead hit his 400th in the same game.

3. White Sox are still in the hunt for the Division and obtained Alex Rios, who was an All Star and is still young. I'd be more upset but the Twins have enough outfielders as it is.

4. Ouch

5. Double ouch

6. Triple ouch

7. As for some updates, David Wright (5) may be out for the rest of the season with a concussion (continuing the Mets epidemic of injuries). Hiroki Kuroda (6) was released from the hospital on Monday but will miss his next start. It sounds like he may come back after that. Ian Kinsler (4) seems to be doing just fine.

8. The Angels did something similar to the Twins a week or two ago. On Sunday, when the Angels faced the Orioles, the Angels ended up winning the game in what at first glance looks like a 17 to 8 blowout. However, the game was much closer that that. It was an extra inning game that just happened to have a 9 run top of the 13th.

9. Well, every year there are teams that look like they in contention after the All Star break but in August they fade and you soon realize that they just don't have what it takes. The Twins are one of those teams. They're still mathematically in the division race, but really, they've got no shot. It's just frustrating by how un-Twins-like this season is. The Twins offense is actually downright decent. But the pitching is so atrocious that no leads are held for more than an inning or two and 5 runs by the Twins offense rarely seems like enough. I'm not sure how the Twins will fix their pitching problem for next season.


  1. 1. Yeah, it seems like there has been a lot. I just read an article on saying the same thing.

    3. Ditto. Plus, from what I've read, Rios' contract is laughably bad.

    7. With Wright down and possibly out for the season, I think that effectively puts the entire starting lineup of the Mets from the beginning of the season on the DL. At the very least, now ALL their big name/star players are on the DL. Ouch.

    8. Save some runs for other games!

    9. Sigh. Put a fork in 'em. The pitching is just terrible. Who would have thought that would be our biggest problem this season? I can't even pick on the bullpen too much. They kinda suck too, but then again, they've been asked to pitch way more than was expected of them. And what's sad is that the only way the pitching next year will be any better is if everyone just...pitches better.

  2. baroness van bitzenhoferAugust 18, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    I'd like to know what the average innings pitched per game is for our starting pitchers this year. About 3 and 1/3 maybe?? ;-)

  3. It's not that bad (but it certainly seems that bad), the Twins' starting pitching averages 5.76 innings per game (which isn't that good).
    Especially if you take into account that the starting pitchers generally give up about 4 runs over those 5.76 innings.

  4. I haven't even been watching the games this's too painful to watch


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