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Monday, August 10, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (08/03/2009 - 08/09/2009)

1. Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers gave up 5 runs in his first inning on Monday, but that was all he gave up. The Tigers came back and got him the win. If it were the Twins, they'd end up one run short of a comeback.

2. Don't get Prince Fielder won't like him when he's angry.

3. On Wednesday the Twins lost to Cleveland. And looked terrible. The two biggest culprits in the 8-1 loss? Liriano, whose showing that he pretty much just sucks, and Morneau, who went 0 for 4 and left 5 men on bad.

4. While listening to the Thursday Twins' game I dubbed Cleveland's pitcher Fausto Carmona the Cleveland Francisco Liriano. Well, the Cleveland Francisco Liriano managed to hold the Twins to 1 run but looked horrible in the process. The Twins just couldn't get a clutch hit.
After the game, the Twins clubhouse sounded like it was beginning to implode.
You've got Justin Morneau blaming Alexi Casilla, Alexi blaming the umpires, and Mike Redmond blaming the manager for having the gull to actually play him. In the end, I don't know what the players are complaining about. There's plenty of blame for everyone, fellas.

5. Wednesday was "Mannywood Day" at Dodger Stadium. Manny Ramirez did not play in that game.

6. During Thursday's Red Sox/Yankees game, Posada pulled a Twins and egregiously refused to slide (yes, that was the only clip I could come up with). Of course, unlike the non-sliding Twins, Posada did make up for it later... hip hip, Jorge!

7. Friday had two bad calls at home. First, Mauer literally pushed Guillen across home plate with his glove (and the baseball inside it), but Guillen was called safe. Then San Diego got a break when they tied the game in the 9th when Kyle Blanks slid into the glove of catcher Ryan Schneider in front of home plate but was called safe. (Of course, both clips were neutered by MLB and slow motion replays of the close calls were not shown.)
Purists still claim that instant replays of plays at home should not happen. Lord knows we wouldn't want the right call to occur.

8. David Ortiz may or may not have taken steroids accidentally when he was taking legal supplements back in 2003. Apparently back in the day you just swallowed any pill that was given to you.
It's also nice to see the players union step in and defend its players while poking holes into "the list". Of course that only happened after the precious Big Poppi got outed.

9. Ozzie Guillen continued his bid for "Manager Most Likely To Shiv A Player" by stating that he wants his pitchers to hit...everybody?

10. Josh Hamilton fell off the wagon. I probably shouldn't joke about that.

11. On Friday the Twins traded for Cleveland pitcher Carl Pavano, which is the equivalent of a villain throwing his gun at Superman after all the bullets bounced harmlessly off his chest.
That being said, on Saturday Carl Pavano proved to be the Twins' best pitcher. Which is like me saying I'm the tallest person in Munchkinland...which I AM, thank you very much.

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  1. 3. Seriously, what is up with Liriano? They were saying before one of the games this weekend, it isn't even like he's trying to get back to where he was before surgery; he's still trying to get back to where he was last season.

    4. That Redmond one made me chuckle. I listened to the Ron Gardenhire show Sunday morning and Gardy explained it away as Redmond not meaning it the way it sounded, but apparently Gardy did sit Redmond down the next day (after Gardy got ejected during the game) and talked to him about not saying things that can be misconstrued like that. His explanation sounded fishy to me, but either way, Gardy wasn't too pleased with Redmond.

    5. I love when crap like that happens. Another funny one I heard: the first Cleveland game after Victor Martinez was traded to the Red Sox was Victor Martinez bobblehead day.

    7. I can't even get into my complete and utter rage at the rash of bad calls being made lately, and the fact that no one inside the sport seems to care in the least about getting them right. Maybe I need to put it into a post of its own...

    8. They were different times man! They didn't know that bad stuff could come in pill form, they just took what they were given. Back off, they were just organic baseball playing machines, and had to do whatever their trainers or agents told them to do without thinking for themselves.

    Seriously, it irks me to no end that only after sainted David Ortiz is outed does the Players Union decide to start attacking the test and list as a whole. Cuz we couldn't possibly afford to have the Red Sox precious titles besmirched in any way. Christ...

    9. Ha! I'm pretty sure Ozzie's got that title wrapped up. Him, or maybe Pinella. I could see Lou snapping someday and just calmly shivving Milton Bradley or something.

    10. You're right, but I do still take a certain schadenfreude in seeing Mr. Jesus God Boy, the media's Golden Child, who continues to usurp attention away from Morneau and his Home Run Derby victory last year, knocked down a peg or two.

    11. It's a good thing I wasn't drinking when I read this or there'd be Mt. Dew on my keyboard. It's funny cuz it's true.


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