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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heroes 3X22: Turn and Face the Strange

Harrison Ford: Sylar's survival
So Sylar survived Claire's attack last season because the glass piece she jammed into his head melted in the fire. Answers to questions like that, however delayed, are always appreciated.

Harrison Ford: Sylar's "performances"

In general, I thought all the actors playing Sylar playing themselves (or in Bennet's case, playing Bennet playing Sylar playing Bennet) did a good job of emulating Sylar's mannerisms. It must have been a blast for them to do so.

Wesley Snipes: Matt's vendetta
I'm fine with Matt lacking the cajones to actually shoot Danko's girlfriend, but he could have shot Danko instead. Or, at least, not dropped the gun.

Wesley Snipes: Hiro's arrival
Overlooking Hiro arriving at just the right time to save Matt (as that's a pretty standard TV device), how the hell did Hiro know where Danko lives, let alone that Matt would be there?

Wesley Snipes: Mohinder's apartment
All that time spent following up on his dad's work, and Mohinder never thought to check the apartment's storage space for the files he's apparently seeing for the first time? That's awfully convenient. And dumb. And while I appreciate the dialogue establishing that the apartment isn't under surveillance, how dumb is Danko's group for NOT having it under surveillance?

Harrison Ford: Other missions
Mentioning that Sylar was working on a team that had been racking up kills was a nice little glimpse into how the operation works: it's nice knowing that it's not just Danko and Bennet going after people.

Wesley Snipes: Digging
Really Ma Petrelli? You're making Peter and Nathan dig up graves, just so they know people are buried there? Couldn't you just tell them, and not make them dig?

Wesley Snipes: Resources
I'm reluctant to bring this up, but after Peter's little speech at the beginning of the volume about how the fugitives need to operate "off the grid", so to speak, where, exactly, did Matt and Mohinder getting the money to rent a hotel room in DC?

Another episode that's par for the course: solid, but not without its flaws. As we drive towards the finale, I fear that next week's flashback episode will give us background we don't want (some new plot) instead of the background we do want (the Elder Heroes and the origins of Primatech). We shall see.


  1. Wesley Snipes: Digging

    Me too, however, I'm actually reserving judgment here. There has to be a reason why they need to dig them up. If not I am going to be very disappointed. Perhaps they need a zombie army of specials.

  2. Yeah, to be fair, I really should reserve judgment until the next episode; there might be a reason they needed to do the digging beyond what we saw in this episode. We shall see.

    An army of zombie specials would be pretty freakin' awesome, but I'm not holding my breath. :)

  3. They'll use baby touch-and-go to bring them back to life and then the brain eating Sylar will finally have his comeuppances.


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