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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brief Thoughts About Baseball (4/20/2009 - 4/26/2009)

1. Well the Twins couldn't sweep the Indians. I knew they were in trouble in that final game when A) The Twins were going for a sweep and love to pull the Meat Loaf "Two out of three ain't bad" B) Glen Perkins was starting and is also on my fantasy baseball team and C) My fantasy baseball team could have REALLY used a win by Perkins.

2. Perhaps I spoke too soon about the Marlins. (They've lost six in a row.)

3. Two to three years ago I used to take note at how the Twins always do well against the Boston Red Sox. That hasn't been the case lately. This point was emphasized this week when the Twins were blown out in two games on the same day at Fenway. That was ugly.

4. Speaking of the Red Sox, I'm always annoyed by the off the charts hype each Yankees/Red Sox series gets by the national media. However, with each over-hyped series I find myself watching a game or two.

5. I don't know why but I get annoyed by teams that get on a long winning streak when they aren't the Twins (like the Red Sox). I especially get annoyed when that team starts pulling wins out their asses from games they had no business winning (like the Red Sox).

6. Whatever happened to Boof Bonser?

7. Jordan Zimmerman is looking like the rookie phenom pitcher the Natinals are in desperate need of having. Too bad I've ruined his promising, young career by picking him up for my fantasy team.

8. Speaking of which, "Mr. Grand Slam" Alexei Ramirez can thank me for stupidly dropping him. (That's a long story.)

9. I heard a friend of mine say that Jusin Morneau is the least clutch player in baseball. I think that's hyperbole, but he certainly isn't the most clutch player in baseball.

10. For those of you curious about #6:
"The Twins will likely be without pitcher Boof Bonser for the entire 2009 season after doctors discovered partial tears in the labrum and rotator cuff in his right shoulder during arthroscopic surgery on Wednesday."
I probably should've known that.


  1. It says something about Boof's value to the team that we didn't really notice he was gone until the season was almost a month over, doesn't it?

    I had heard some vague mutterings about shoulder problems during spring training or something, but just figured they were trying to come up with a medical explanation for "major suckage." I didn't realize it was quite as intense an injury as it appears to be.

    Morneau was pretty clutch last night. Though "legging out a double play to allow the winning run to score" somehow doesn't seem as clutch as, you know, putting the ball somewhere in the outfield, at least.

    As for #4, I find the same to be true. I hate the hype yet find myself watching at least part of a game or two.

    I like to think it has more to do with my desire to watch baseball, rather than the Yankees/Red Sox specifically, and they're just what's being broadcast, cuz, well, their games will ALWAYS be broadcast nationally.

  2. What was the reason for dropping Ramirez? I think ZOD grabbed him already . . . NO MORE FEEDING ZOD!

  3. First of all, Alexei Ramirez did pretty much nothing for the first two weeks. So what I wanted to do was pick up a short stop temporarily until Alexei Ramirez heated up.
    I forget the details, but I realized that if I picked up a different shortstop then I needed to drop someone and I wanted to drop a pitcher but I needed that pitcher to pitch for me in the weekend. So I considered just dropping Alexei Ramirez and picking him later the next week.
    I looked around our league and saw that basically everyone currently had a better shortstop than Alexei Ramirez. So I figured I could drop him for the weekend and then pick him up the following week, since no one was in need of a shortstop. That's what I did. And it looked like a smart move since that Saturday he went 0 for 5 and on Sunday he was benched because he sucked so much.
    Then on Monday something apalling and unexpected happened. Zod picked up this shortstop that had done virtually nothing so far and placed him in his OUTFIELD!!!
    I couldn't believe it. I mean, I could understand picking up Alexei and stashing him away with the expectation that he'll get better. But to actively play him in the outfield with the plethora of good, available outfielders in our league was just unfathomable!
    But here we are. And really, Alexei hasn't been doing all that well, aside from the grand slam of course. His average is still down but he has been stealing a lot more. Which probably means Zod will keep him.

  4. Which probably means Zod will keep him.And, of course, triumph...grumble grumble...


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