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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Greener America!

Hello my friends, I'm Doctor Strange. There's been discussion as to who my running mate may be. Obviously I have the intellect, the magical know-how, and the experience to lead America. But even the greatest of men need to have weight behind their words. Sometimes intellect and magic isn't enough. Some situations call for a more blunt approach. Sometimes, you need someone to...

Hulk make great vice president because Hulk SMASHES!!!

Hulk tough on terrorism.


Hulk hate Canadians.


Hulk maverick.


Hulk believe in a complete freeze in government spending. Each spending policy should be examined and any expenses labeled as 'pork' will be cut. So, without increasing taxes, the government will be spending less. Any excess money received will be invested in decreasing the US deficit. As soon as the budget is balanced then taxes for all individuals can be decreased with minimal effect on core government organizations. In other words, taxes will be...



Paid for by the Committee to Elect Doctor Strange.
I'm Doctor Stephen Strange and the almighty Vishanti have...
Me Hulk! And Hulk approve of SMASHING!!!!


  1. Sold! I'm with Dr Strange & the Hulk all the way!
    Hulk Smash!!!

  2. Man, that's tough. I didn't think Strange had a shot but this spins things into another dimension.

  3. Sometimes a good VP choice can energize the base. Everyone loves a maverick...especially a SMASHING one!

  4. I think my mind is made up. Cyclops and Kitty are going to need a lot of help to overcome this smashing blow.

  5. Pfft enjoy your dictatorial theocracy people...when any city that doesn't tow Dr. Strange's line is smashed to rubble by his hired goon/VP don't come crying to me.

    But at least your taxes will be lower when you're living crushed under a green heel, right? And that's really all that matters...

  6. Listen, sometimes a little uncontrollable rage is a good thing. It's called being a maverick.
    And if you're in such a comfortable place that you can throw money at the government, then go ahead. But some people struggle financially. Try telling them you want them to pay $100 more a year to build a CMPBC(Center for Mutants with Powers that are both a Blessing and a Curse).


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